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Cardano Price & Matic Price Leap Long, Where Will They Land Up?



Cardano Price Close To $2

Cadano is one such asset which took its own time to raise above the odds and smash the previous highs. The ADA price was just above $0.1 at the beginning of 2021 and yet rose like a monster to mark the ATH at $1.83

Despite a small correction, the Cardano price sustained strong above the support levels at $1.7. The price is all set to surge high to smash the current ATH and eventually head towards the next set target at $2.

ada price

At the time of writing, the price is $1.74 with a drop of just 0.61% compared to the previous trading day. However, the price is poised to manifest a V-shaped recovery to hit the upper resistance level around the ATH.

Technical Specifications

  • The resistance levels are formed at $1.83, later the price may enter discovery mode
  • The support levels are formed at $1.602
  • The indicators point out towards a buy signal

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Polygon (MATIC) Price Back On Track

The majority of the crypto space was hit hard as most of the crypto assets plunged hard with a huge margin. However, since the early trading hours, the polygon price gained  the lost momentum and initiated a recovery.

The price yet again had refined the positions above $1, yet only for a short period of time. And hence the price again dropped to the current levels. However, the price resumed with the bull run following a ‘V-shaped’ recovery.

matic price

At the time of writing, the matic price is $0.9276 with a gain of 0.75% in the past 24 hours. The price despite a small pullback, yet pickled up well, heading strongly towards $1 very soon. However the polygon price is poised to rally hard to attain the levels above $1.

Technical specifications

  • The resistance level for Polygon price is at $1.02
  • The support levels are at $0.75
  • The indicators for the matic price point out at a buy signal

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