Cardano Africa: (ADA) Is Solving Real-World Problems and Not First World Problems

The community feels so great to finally see Cardano’s (ADA) hard and valuable work.  The community feels since ADA is environmental friendly that they will see more growth in terms of price too.

Someone who has been involved in the Cardano Africa project stated, “They’ve been on the ground there employing local people and working to solve the problems local people have shared with them. They spent millions to build labs for designing a robust infrastructure, and they are integrating novel more scalable solutions and useful needed tech.”

Lunar Crush Africa expressed, Cardano Africa is solving real-world problems and not first world problems.  This just looks like there is a steady evolution of Cardano.  The community are very confident in that Cardano does achieve real world solutions, despite what the haters say.

Cardano can now be used to purchase luxury condos in Portugal. Reportedly, according to a recent press release, ADA has joined the top cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), and Dogecoin (DOGE), as a means for customers to purchase luxury condos in Portugal.

This has been made possible after collaboration between Swiss crypto payments processor, FNTX Capital Suisse and Portuguese property developer, 355 Developments.

David Rabbi, the founder of FNTX, stated, What ultimately takes place now will say a lot about the future of both the property business, the world’s largest asset class, and blockchain industry.”

Regarding the price of ADA, the entire cryptocurrency market is in a state of recovery after a chaotic tweet about Bitcoin (BTC) by Elon Musk, the CEO of Tesla, on 13th May 2021.

ADA recently broke the 2 USD level.  It did struggle, but it finally broke.  However, the question now is whether Cardano will continue to push for even higher levels (or) if we will soon see a small bull pack to the downside. Will there be a pump? All these are not financial advice.

The 4-hour candle stick at $1.83 was something that was previously anticipated in technical analysis. This was also the first level which ADA had to break beyond to climb above.  There was a lot of struggle at $1.83.  After the price broke there was some resistance at the $1.95 level. It was a nice pump.

Analysts project some short-term and long-term levels: There is a lot of expectation to see the price climb up to 2.59.  The community is currently in the price discovery mode.  The price action is expected to go very fast. The current number is derived from the daily time-frames.