VeChain (VET) Cleaning Ocean in Indonesia Truly Green in Real Time 420:69

Vechain Foundation expressed, 305,239.62 kg of plastic waste from oceans and rivers are verified to be removed by ReseaP using VeChain.  Vechain was used to collect, record, and monitor all the data securely. We strive to create real value using blockchain technology.

VeChain is ecofriendly and they are working on solutions to further contribute to green energy industry.

At least someone gets it. When you read between the lines, do research and don’t let people’s views cloud your judgment, this crypto world becomes a lot easier to navigate.

Someone asked:  What is VeChain’s energy use per transaction then compared to Bitcoin? 420:69

ReSea Project expressed:

“Cleanup Impact Status: Our collection data from January-April 2021 is now verified by @DNV, and we are happy to share with you that we’ve removed 305.239,62 kg (672,938.17 lbs) of plastic waste from oceans and rivers.

Thanks to the movement supporting our community-driven solution, we’ve stopped the equivalent of more than 15 million plastic bottles from polluting oceans and rivers in just four months and improved the income of our cleanup team and their families in Indonesia.

With the blockchain platform from VeChain Tech used to collect, record, and monitor collection data, we ensure that all data is stored securely, time-stamped, and immutable. The certification from DNV provides independent proof of our progress and traceability of the total collection process.

When it comes to social and environmental responsibility, consumers are looking for brands to show them, not just tell them, what they are doing. By providing companies with proof of claims related to making oceans and rivers cleaner from plastic waste, they can join our mission with confidence.”

Readers might want to explore more to know more about the traceable cleanup solution.

For clarity, ReSea Project are cleaning the world’s oceans on behalf of companies joining their movement. By being directly involved in the efforts of putting an end to the ocean plastic crisis, ReSea Project enables businesses to combine profit and purpose to help create a better world.

They have a certification process:  The certification provides assurance from the independent third party DNV of the plastic extracted from rivers and oceans, traceability of the total collection process, and the amount of plastic removed. Not only does the certification assure the highest level of traceability and accountability, but it also ensures fair compensation to the cleanup team – the heart of their cleanup solution. Everything that VeChain focuses on is indispensable in the now and future world.