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Charles Hoskinson of Cardano (ADA) on Swapping Fiat in to Crypto Becoming Hard



Charles Hoskinson in response to swapping fiat for crypto getting tough expressed, why? Crypto isn’t going anyway and it is going to eat the banks. Newsflash banksters, it’s our money. We can spend.

One of the crypto investors stated “Now the banks do not want us swapping fiat for crypto. They’re doing all they can to prevent us making more returns on our investments. I only want to buy more.”

Notice to customers citing “Temporary suspension of payments to cryptocurrency exchanges” are very common these days.  They cite that they have observed high levels of suspected financial crime with such payments.

Seasoned investors have to state that they do that whenever it’s a good time to buy. Pointed to how they were doing that earlier in the year with multiple vendors and that it was getting trickier to buy.

The common argument against cryptocurrency is that it will be used for clandestine purposes, but isn’t there a public ledger for all transactions? How is that any less traceable than a cash transaction?

Some were like Bitcoin ATMs don’t need bank.  Some banks have always refused crypto related transactions.

I had the exact same thing happen with Bank of America! My account was completely frozen until I answered a questionnaire. Unbelievable.

Many reported similar issues in Mexico as well. Some banks make a big deal when users were moving their fiat off into crypto too. Investors miss some cheap buy in opportunities and many realize it is so much better to be off fiat and in to crypto.

The ADA investors are confident.  They state, Banks and centralized crypto exchanges always continue to do the same. And, no one will be able to prevent Cardano’s future.

Some users are like first and foremost, it’s extremely important to study and research. However, banks need not dictate how customers should spend their money. People are tired of the toxic, power-trip and greed from banks.

This will propel businesses exclusively transacting in crypto! While banks make fait to crypto hard – a sure fire crypto economy will soon happen.

People are beginning to realize:  “Just makes the case all that more urgent and strong. Freedom from the grips of the banking system has never been more important than it is now.”

Do whatever you want and believe guys. They cannot stop us. It’s our money it’s our choice. People is power. So, how is the decentralized cryptocurrency thing going to happen without banks permitting transactions?

Why do you need banks to transfer into exchanges? There’s got to be another way like Wallets.