ChainLink (LINK) Fairness and Credibility to all Projects in every Integration

The core of what LINK brings to the table is fairness and credibility to all projects that elect to use it. It will be the standard expected by all who want to be trusted—truth, Trust, and Transparency that is LINK.

Augur Project has integrated ChainLink into the Augur Turbo platform, now live on OxPolygon, to deliver schedules, post-game scores, and team player stats on-chain, ensuring sports prediction markets are settled accurately, transparently, and at low cost.

OTONOMI3 is using Chainlink within its B2B SaaS platform for parametric insurance. Chainlink provides flight data and arrival/landing times aggregated from multiple high-quality data sources, enabling OTONOMI to automate air cargo insurance claims.

Dynamic NFTs and on-chain gaming applications require a verifiable & provably secure source of on-chain randomness to generate unique user experiences. Learn how to integrate Chainlink VRF into your dApp today with the Chainlink developer documentation.

Charlie L. ChainLink enthusiast stated, First and foremost, you should be learning while you’re in this space. If your wisdom increases, your wealth will increase consistently over time. If your wealth increases suddenly but your wisdom does not, you will not keep that wealth. You will lose it — then hopefully learn.

For clarity, rekt means liquidating long or short the wrong way.  Everyone gets rekt at some point. Some people take the lessons from it and come back better for the next round, but you still keep learning. Some do not learn, and some never come back.

If you’re in crypto to retire ASAP, you will get rekt at first. You have to suffer. If you’re in this space to be financially free in 5-10 years, you might make it. If you think, “I can’t wait 5-10 years, I need it now,” you will die poor. You have the poor man’s mentality.

I’ve been rekt myself before, but I never left. I watched my money go way up and then way below my entry. Pain is good for he who would win long-term. I didn’t get rekt this time, but I still learned a lot and didn’t do as well as I could have. That’s the game, improve and learn.

It is my opinion that while this past dip won’t be the last, it was the coordinated effort by big money to get their foothold on what they now see coming. The wealthy and powerful are not dumb or blind; they will establish their position. Establish yours too.