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Everything on IOTA Blockchain is in the Alpha or Beta Stage of the Fourth Industrial Revolution



A worried IOTA hodler stated, “IOTA has been building for the last 6 years and still no product out yet. Everything’s in alpha or beta. When will there be a product (such as smart contracts, oracles, tokenization, etc.) on the main net?”

For those who need updates about the progress in the IOTA community:

Why is IOTA working on the Internet of Things? Targeting only specialized high-end hardware will limit the security, decentralization, and growth of IOTA. Millions of nodes, not hundreds. IoT is becoming ubiquitous, and only IOTA will run on it.



Already with the recent upgrade, you can run a full node (validating and storing the ledger state) for just 5€. With further optimizations, we will bring the hardware requirements down further.

But do the people benefit? Do we get IOTA in return if we start a node with 5 Euro every month? Because I don’t get this.


IOTA HODLers:  Is monetary reward the only benefit you’re capable of understanding? If so, then you’re absolutely correct: you don’t get this!

The industrial 4th revolution is coming. M2M (Machine to Machine) powered by IOTA.

Dominik Schiener expressed, “The best time to focus on building the future of Crypto and Finance is now. Nothing changed about the fundamentals, and the development will only increase as we cancel out all the noise in this market.”


Community Musings:  It’s also time to separate other cryptos from BTC. There’s no good reason IOTA, for example, should be sold off just because BTC is.

IOTA should have its own main decentralized exchange. We have the market makers. All we need is good fiat onboarding, which is possible with stablecoin. Then we delist on big exchanges, so the correlation with BTC & ETH goes away. BTC is working against innovation.

Bitcoin is becoming less and less attractive. Now is the best time to launch the nectar testnet.


Positive IOTA Community Members like:  The new IOTA enables whole new paradigms. Smart contracts, EVM’s, Digital Assets are serving the largest addressable market. The machine to machine and the human economy.

Also, In particular, even without fully functional smart contracts, IOTA’s tangle can be used as a broadcast channel to publish messages and communicate information that is not required to exist on every chain of a multi-chain network.

Still, some are wondering what is IOTA actually working on? The word soon is a hurtful word for many community members. However, they believe in “soon to the moon.”