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Tezos NFT Marketplace HicEtNunc Held Hackathon, Introduced hDAO



HicEtNunc, a first-ever eco-friendly marketplace for non-fungible tokens, organized an NFT-focused hackathon.

Tezos-based NFT marketplace, HicEtNunc, which pioneers the concept of environmentally friendly platforms for digital collectibles, shared the details of its first Hicathon.

NFT platform HicEtNunc held its inaugural hackathon

On May 22-23, 2021, Tezos-based NFT marketplace HicEtNunc held its first hackathon. Dozens of modern artists took part in the event designed to display the most advanced techniques on the digital collectibles scene.

HicEtNunc held hackathon
Image via Twitter

Arthur Breitman, Tezos Foundation member and co-founder of the Tezos cryptocurrency, took part in the second day of the event.

The idea of the hackathon was announced by German artist and Google Arts and Culture resident, Mario Klingemann. On May 13, 2021, in a tweet, he opined that the hackathon would fix some of the “pressing issues” of the HicEtNunc ecosystem.

Enthusiasts of NFT supported his idea and launched the Trello board and dedicated spreadsheet to coordinate the organization of the upcoming event. As a result, the entire process of event preparation was organized in a decentralized, community-driven manner.

Hic Et Nunc governance moves to DAO model

Despite being launched in mid-March only, HicEtNunc has already evolved into the largest NFT marketplace by daily active users number. Its progress is 100% organic, so it reflects the spike of interest in NFTs on Tezos.


The first-ever “carbon-neutral” NFT platform, it reconsiders the way this segment is treated by its enthusiasts. Particularly, releasing NFTs have never been so profitable, notes Jéssica Luz, a graphic novelist from Curitiba, Brazil:

Also, the governance model of HicEtNunc was reshaped. Now it is operated by hDAO, a novel decentralized autonomous organization of its supporters.

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