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Cardano Foundation Addresses Blockchain-Based Identity And Financial Inclusion



The Cardano Foundation is addressing blockchain-based identity and financial inclusion. Check out the tweet that the team behind the project shared.

Someone said: “Brilliant! This is the kind of project that makes me a Cardano supporter regardless of what’s happening on the market.”

Another follower posted this: “I’m a big fan of ADA but I think there are privacy concerns. What if a dictator switches its currency to ADA and limits people’s movement, buy goods and services or gain access to health services?”


Someone else posted this: “Anonymity and grey areas have been where dictators have done their worst. A digital identity helps to stop people falling through the cracks. Proof of LIFE can begin a transfer of power the world has been needing for a long time.”

In other news, the host of YouTube channel Altcoin Daily names some cryptos that he believes will surge a lot during the next month.

Cardano price prediction

Aaron Arnold begins his list with Cardano (ADA) – he said that the coin will have its price driven higher by the upcoming Alonzo hardfork that will deliver long-awaited smart contract capabilities.


Arnold highlights a report from CoinShares showing that in the past week, Cardano has outpaced Bitcoin and Ethereum in institutional inflows.

“Institutional investment managers bought $10 million worth of ADA products for the week ending on Monday,” he said.

He continued and said: “By comparison, Bitcoin funds saw an outflow of $110.9 million during the same week. Ether outflows totaled $12.6 million.”


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