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Monero (XMR) Holders Can Now Test Bridging To Secret XMR



The Secret Monero Bridge is now live on testnet. The $XMR holders can now test bridging to secretXMR, which will allow holders to use Secret Network’s private #DeFi ecosystem, swap to other assets via secretswap, provide liquidity, and more.

We will be raffling 1 sXMR (once the bridge is live on mainnet) to one lucky user that successfully completes this testnet tutorial and bridges XMR to sXMR, then back out from sXMR to $XMR.

To respect anonymity, we will not require RTs, signup forms or emails. Using on-chain data, we will announce the last 10 digits of the wallet address once sXMR is distributed when the bridge moves from testnet to mainnet (note: testnet + mainnet wallet addresses are the same.)


However, we still encourage you to spread the word here, retweet + share with XMR holders and privacy enthusiasts! The future is cross-chain – and privacy is a human right. Now Secret and Monero together can create a more human-centric decentralized financial universe.

One of the XMR users stated:  The impact of this new bridge can’t be overstated. For the first time, Monero users will have DeFi access without compromising their privacy. Adding more and more ways to help with privacy. Super cool seeing Secret bridging to more tokens. Bright future as THE privacy hub for the entire crypto world. Smart Money gets it. Privacy all the way. This is what we are looking for. This is a Boss Move. You can now bridge XMR to Secret Network, where all tokens are privacy tokens.

The XMR community has been discussing Bitcoin:


The purpose of a council is to get members to collectively do something: sign an agreement, implement a collective policy or take an action. The risk of a Bitcoin Mining Council is that it becomes co-opted to take the one action that actually matters: to change the code they run.

Riccardo Spagni expressed, Energy FUD, China FUD, Memecoins P&D, ETH foundation dumping Rumours of Vitalik’s death. We’re still in a bull market, we haven’t had the last one yet.

Many were very clear that it takes nothing to spook this market. And, again the nice thing about crypto is that when you wake up, you have no idea how much it’s worth.


And, Short list of things banned in China – Google – Youtube – Facebook – Reddit – Netflix – Zoom – Instagram – Twitch – Twitter.  Therefore Bitcoin is going to be just fine.