“Stop the War on Crypto”: XRP Army Stages Protest Outside SEC Headquarters

Several XRP holders held a protest outside the SEC headquarters earlier today

XRP holders gathered outside the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission headquarters in Washington, D.C. on Friday to protest the agency’s lawsuit against distributed ledger technology company Ripple.

They are demanding that the regulator stop its “war on crypto” and investigate former chairman Jay Clayton’s alleged conflict of interest.

The demonstrators are holdings signs with such messages as “Stop Crypto Hypocrisy,” “Cryptocurrency Is Not a Crime,” and “XRP 4 Life.”

Image by @andyh479

XRP Army also submitted its Change.org petition to the SEC earlier this month but has so far received only an automated reply from the agency.

The cryptocurrency’s holders are also trying to insert themselves into the Ripple case with their motion to intervene.

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