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VeChain Community Member says VET is not Currency So China Approved in 2019



VeChain expressed, “Shanghai Changning and Huangpu District Government reps made a visit to our office, and we were glad to discuss about potential transformative collaborations. The VeChain blockchain is ever-ready to serve the community, enterprises, governments and more.”

VET investors were like:  I’m proud to be an investor, vechain will change the world as we know it especially in the counterfeit goods department, and counterfeit in the future will be stamped out.

Look who’s in town! Big things brewing behind the scenes. Stay tuned.  Onwards and upwards!


The most undervalued coin in the market when this thing explodes it’s going to be epic and it will never cross under a dollar minimum.

Vechain one of the best projects right now, love what all of you are doing, keep it going. Good news but no price movement.

Looking at this some of them were wondering about the crypto ban in China: So Crypto being banned in china is to make way for their own Crypto?


The clarification was:  The China guidance on crypto currency was from 2017. Yet, in 2019 VeChain was one of two crypto projects to be approved by Chinese authorities. It’s because VET is not a currency. It’s not a currency, so it doesn’t violate the guidance that China issued (in 2017, BTW).

Makes it more bullish for investors in Vechain as it’s a China backed project – probably means it’s the only one or one of a basket that China embraces large-scale

Otherwise, consumers are seeking trust all the time. DNV combined with VeChain’s public blockchain provides the solution in the real world.  From quality to social, environmental or ethical integrity of a product, brands are struggling to share their efforts and investments. My Story™ helps bridge the trust gap by providing consumers instant access to verified facts.


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VeChain is an incredible company as they are doing a lot to enhance supply chain management. They are solving problems for several big companies and institutions. The best days of VET are yet to come.