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Charles Hoskinson of Cardano (ADA) on how Crypto is decoupling from Bitcoin and Macro Being in Favor



And, unlike the past cycles in 2017 and 2018 compared to where we are at now, we have now decoupled from Bitcoin. And, people are beginning to realize well that is a great experiment, it is not the end all be all and that there is more to the story. And, unlike in the past, the macro is moving in our favor than just being this weird cycle thing.

Policymakers have the audacity to state that a full reserve bank is less stable than a fractionally reserved bank. It is like somebody telling you that cancer is good for you. It is just craziness.

There is an innovative debility to our industry as a whole. And, there is a maturing of our industry as a whole, and on the peripheries, we have a mass influx of people, of whom some came to become rich quick, some came out of frustration and anger, and some came because they honestly believe this is the next big thing.  They could be old, new, or a 19-year-old kid using the Cash app to buy something. It does not matter; people are opting out of the legacy financial system. They are recognizing it for what it is. It is a negative to human rights.  It is no longer a positive. We are building something better.


And, these markets are a reflection of that.  And, the diversity in the market and the distributions in the markets and the vibrancy and volatility of them is a representation of that.

Over the next ten years, there will be more advancement in monetary policy from our industry in the last 100 years of central banks. In the next ten years, there will be more advancement of financial engineering and the construction of financial products in the marketplace upon which trade them than the last 100 years from the Wall Street and England and Tokyo and all the other places in the world combined.

And, in the next ten years, there is going to be more movement of wealth 24 hours a day, seven days a week on crypto rails than it would be through the BIS and the fixed protocol and all of those other things in the mainstay staples of the financial world.


In the next ten years, there will be more automation and innovation and open law and automated law and regulation law in our industry than in the last 100 years of transnational agreements that have occurred.  And, in the previous ten years, the following 2 billion people who entered the world financial system, the vast majority of those people will be bought into our system from the cryptocurrency space that is what our industry is about. This is why there are so many incredible people who are working incredibly hard every single day.