Binance’s 20th Launchpool Project Has Finally Launched!

Today Binance announced that it will launch its newest Launchpool (ATA Token) project with Automata Network. News Binance customers have been eagerly awaiting as this will be the opportunity to earn crypto rewards from his tokens “made in Binance“.

Focus on Automata Token (ATA), the crypto of Binance’s new Launchpool project!

What is a Launchpool?

At the level of the crypto industry, there are quite a few ways to make passive income from cryptocurrency staking. The crypto exchanges mainly Binance have come up with a concept (Launchpool) which allows to realize a passive income in cryptos: the Launchpool.

It is a system through which investors receive crypto rewards for staking their tokens. Usually, the token that participates in Lauchpool is an innovative new project that seeks an audience so that it can grow in the industry. It’s one way to connect creative developers with investors.

In a blog on Launchpool, Binance tells us that projects participating in Lauchpool benefit from:

  • Access to Binance marketing resources, SEO help, and passionate community members.
  • Connections to projects, products and services in the Binance ecosystem. We encourage collaboration and common goals.
  • Accelerated token adoption and increased asset liquidity by partnering with the Binance ecosystem.

Source: Binance / Blog

It should be noted that the Launchpool lasts 30 days. So investors have until June 31 to participate.

On Binance, investors can participate in Lauchpool by stacking their DOT, BUSD and BNB tokens. Between 2020 and 2021, the Lauchpool projects were able to provide an average annual income of 24% with added value of $ 126.96 million to investors. As for the market growth of the Lauchpool cryptos, Binance tells us that they have already registered an increase of 682.53% over 12 months.

What about Automata Token? Binance‘s new Launchpool cryptocurrency

Automata Token (ATA) is Automata Network’s cryptocurrency that was recently launched on the market after receiving $ 1 million in funding from Genesis Block Ventures, Divergence Capital, IOSG Ventures and Alameda Reserach. This is the token that investors who will have to stack their DOT, BNB and BUSD will receive. 4% of ATA’s total supply will be allocated to Binance‘s Launchpool.

ATA comes from Automata Network which is a blockchain created by industry experts in 2019. Automata Network is recognized in the market as a decentralized protocol that helps ensure the anonymity of decentralized applications commonly known as Dapps. It is mainly used for anonymous voting on PoS governance model blockchains. Some use it for SRM minimization for decentralized applications.

How do I participate in the ATA Token Launchpool?

It’s a simple and inclusive process. All you need is DOT, BNB, and BUSD tokens in your wallet to participate in any Launchpool on Binance. To achieve this, the steps are very simple:

  • Go to the Launchpool page “Launchpool”
  • Choose the ATA Token Launchpool
  • Insert the amount you want to stake in the Launchpool
  • Click Stake
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