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Top Crypto Airdrops You Should Look Out for in June 2021



New cryptocurrencies are coming up every day, giving crypto enthusiasts the opportunity to add new tokens and coins to their portfolio via crypto airdrops. The crypto projects give out their tokens free of charge to get the community familiar with how it works, and this can be pretty rewarding. The following are some of the top crypto airdrops to look out for in June 2021.

BRT -crypto airdrops

1. Base Reward Token (BRT)

Estimated value: $75

End date: 30 June, 2021

The Base Reward Ecosystem seeks to bring together cryptocurrency, blockchain technology, and traditional businesses in a single community. Members of the community will be able to participate in the governance of the ecosystem using BRT. They will also partake in the sharing of rewards from the community.

BRT token holders will be rewarded with 60% of ecosystem fees on the platform, so the larger the ecosystem gets, the bigger the rewards. This will let them spend for everyday transactions without having to worry about any negative impact on their portfolio. Basically, members of the ecosystem do everything they have always done online and are rewarded for it.

The project is airdropping BRT to the first 5,000 participants. Each eligible participant gets $75 worth of BRT.

How to participate:

  • Visit and create an account on the airdrop’s website;
  • Join the official Telegram group and channel and write a comment on the project;
  • Follow the official Facebook page and share the pinned post. Also, leave a positive comment on the project;
  • Follow the official Twitter page and retweet the pinned post.


  • Facebook;
  • Twitter;
  • Telegram;
  • Email.
SharpPay - pne of th best crypto airdrops

2. SharpPay

Estimated value: $50

End date: 25 June, 2021

SharpPay offers users of websites with blockchain-based rewards for content promotion to share content on multiple platforms. Users get rewarded for sharing such content and for new ones who visit the websites via the shared content. This makes it easy for them to share content on certain websites and get rewarded for it. The project is airdropping its native token – SPP. 100 SPP will be given to each of up to 150,000 participants during the airdrop.

How to participate:

  • Join the official Telegram group and follow the instructions;
  • Join the official Telegram channel;
  • Follow the Twitter page and retweet the pinned post;
  • Subscribe to the official YouTube channel.


  • Twitter;
  • Telegram;
  • Youtube.
NextMoon crypto airdrops

3. NextMoon (NextMoon)

Estimated value: $22

End date: 9 June, 2021

NextMoon is an NFT-centered token. As the NFTs become a big deal, the project is working on integrating their token with the NFT ecosystem. They are also involved in building software solutions for hyped assets and try to invest in ones with potential for growth early following their launch. NextMoon tokens are based on BEP-20, and airdrop participants can get up to $22 worth in the ongoing airdrop, which is one of the best crypto airdrops this June.

How to participate:

  • Go to the NextMoon airdrop form and provide all required information;
  • Join the NextMoon official Telegram group and Telegram channel;
  • Visit any crypto Telegram group and share this post;
  • Follow the official NextMoon Twitter page and retweet pinned post;
  • Follow AltcoinsTalks Facebook page and share this post on any crypto-related Facebook group;
  • Subscribe NextMoon on Reddit;
  • Complete the extra tasks on this page and earn up to $20 extra;
  • You will receive up to $22 in your BEP-20 Wallet.


  • Telegram;
  • Twitter;
  • Facebook;
  • Reddit;
  • BEP-20 wallet address.

4. PancakeFork Finance

Estimated value: $40

End date: 30 September, 2021

PancakeFork Finance is an Automated Market Maker on the Binance Smart Chain forked from PancakeSwap. The platform offers yield farming and staking services to holders of the token. They provide low swap fees compared to other decentralized exchanges in its class. The project is airdropping its governance token- FCKE to airdrop fans, and each of the first 1,000 participants could get up to $40 worth.

How to participate:


  • Twitter;
  • Telegram;
  • Medium.

You can refer your friends to earn 10% extra as well as the referred participant.

5. Yearn Shark Finance

Estimated value: $12

End date: 30 November, 2021

Yearn Shark Finance is a decentralized exchange for swapping of DeFi tokens and staking. The company is launching its YSKF SWAP exchange and staking app soon. Holders of the governance token – YSKF can stake their tokens and get rewarded for it. The protocol is giving out $12 worth of its token to all airdrop participants.

How to participate:

You can also refer your friends and earn extra from one of the best crypto airdrops.


  • Telegram;
  • Twitter.

6. Fanatics Cash

Estimated value: $17.5

End date: 31 December, 2022

Fanatics Crypto is a company with a conglomerate of crypto-related businesses. The latest business expansion news of the company is the recent acquisition of a crypto exchange, FCexchange. The company is also building a mobile app to facilitate easy access to its services by its users. As part of the launch of the exchange, it is giving away its token, FCH. Participants can earn up to $17.5 in this crypto airdrop, which will run monthly till the end of 2022.

How to participate:

  • Create an account on FCexchange or log in if you already have one. When you access the account, click on “Free Distribution;”
  • Create content, video, or banner ad for Fanatics Cash and post it anywhere;
  • Fill the airdrop form and provide all information. You will get FCH sent to your wallet address provided in the form.


  • Email.


These are the top crypto airdrops for the month of June, which anyone can participate in to get some free cryptocurrencies. We hope that you will find one airdrop that will be interesting for you. Good luck with your airdrop hunt.

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