Analyst Buys 1 Million $ADA !! Believes Cardano Price Will Hit $10 By 2021 End

Ben Armstrong, the host of the Bitboy crypto YouTube channel, recently discussed Cardano Price and why he is so positive about the ethereum killer and competitor. He claims that Cardano’s development strategy is designed to uncover hidden flaws, reducing problems to a bare minimum. The platform is also positioned to be a lean, strong machine ready to grab the lead over its competitors.

Speaking of it’s roadmap towards growth he went on to say that Cardano wants to help poor countries in the second and third world get out of poverty and improve their people’s lives. Many of the problems that countries like Colombia and Botswana face are due to a lack of infrastructure to protect people’s property.

He questioned that, How one can prove ownership of land, farming equipment, or an insurance policy if the government or insurance firms only have a paper trail dating back to the last military coup, which burned all the documents in town five years ago or paid Russian hackers to delete those systems?

Ben Armstrong claimed that he purchased a million ADA in January when it was trading about 15 cents because he saw its potential and anticipated it would become large. He stated that it has been his best investment thus far and that it has served him well.

Cardano Price Poised to 4x Upswing

In this current ongoing cycle, his conservative price projection for Cardano is a 4X increase from its current price of $1.70, which is $6.80. He also mentions that ADA is built up for a massive pump. During this bull run, it has shown incredible resistance to price changes as compared to other alts. It’s repeatedly smashed its all-time high. In his most bullish scenario, ADA could hit $8 to $9 this year.

Cardano price is hinting towards a new uptrend after the recent crash and market sell-offs. As of writing, ADA is trading around $1.77.

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