Ethereum developer fires back at Cardano developer for claiming ADA is better than ETH

  • Vitalik fires back at Hoskinson
  • Vitalik believes ADA project is a success regardless

Ethereum developer Vitalik Buterin has thrown a subtle jibe back at Cardano developer Charles Hoskinson who previously said ADA was better than ETH.

Buterin fired back at Hoskinson during a podcast interview with Lex Friedman. He said “deep academic rigor is overrated” in an apparent swipe at Cardano.

Such projects “really emphasize having these big academic proofs for everything,” Buterin said. He meant that Ethereum is better with heuristic arguments, in part because it’s trying to do more faster.

Buterin states that ETH solves the problem with practical solutions rather than theoretically spotless formulae.

Cryptopolitan reported recently that Hoskinson criticized the entire Ethereum network as he compared the second-largest crypto project to his Cardano blockchain project.

Hoskinson specifically highlighted three advantages the ADA has over ETH during an interview he had with Yahoo Finance.

The ADA developer said his opinions made him unpopular with ETH developers when he was building the project back in 2013.

Previously, Hoskinson said that people in the ETH ecosystem hate him and call him a monster who got involved in the ETH project to harm it.

Buterin said he chooses heuristics over deep academic rigor because researchers often miss the biggest failures.

Ethereum developer Buterin speaks on what he thinks of Hoskinson

Speaking candidly with Fridman, Buterin said he had heard from people close to Hoskinson that “Charles has clearly progressed and matured in a lot of ways.”

Buterin also went on to note that “2021 Charles is very different from 2014 Charles, and I’m sure 2021 Vitalk is very different to 2014 Vitalik.”

The Ethereum co-founder also made it clear that the two have demonstrated their different approaches. Where Buterin sees Ethereum as using more heuristic arguments, Cardano looks to academic proofs. Nevertheless, Buterin concluded that Hoskinson and the IOHK team are doing some “interesting things.”

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