Where is it better to keep cryptocurrency?

BitMarket Network Client is the best way to store digital money

Digital money is hard to make and easy to lose. In the crypto industry, the “hodl” strategy is widespread: investors buy coins for the long term and do not sell, regardless of market fluctuations. But digital money is easy to lose, even if you don’t make risky deals. One of the main questions of crypto holders is how to store money. There are several ways, and each of them has its own pros and cons. Read below to find out why the experts consider https://bitmarket.network/ the best.

 Stock exchange

The most common way to store cryptocurrency is to keep it on the exchange. When creating an account, each user gets his own wallet. It supports all the coins traded on the site, so clients always have the opportunity for selling or buying them. Another advantage of the stock exchanges: the ability to easily restore access to account. However, this has a downside – insecurity. Even the heads of major exchanges urge not to keep funds on them due to the keen interest of hackers. Therefore, it is worth keeping on the exchange only the amount that doesn’t hurt to lose. In addition, the exchange can go offline at any time and become unavailable for trading. The user may lose access to their funds at the most inappropriate moment. The exchange selection must be approached with extreme caution, because there is always a risk of being scammed.

 Desktop wallet

Devices that look like a USB flash drive are the safest way to store cryptocurrency now. This method is more reliable than the stock exchange, because for hacking the “USB” criminals need to get physical access to it. Nevertheless, this way of storing money is not so simple and you need to be extremely careful. According to recent research, many wallets can be hacked in 15 minutes, and the illegal entrance will cost the attackers only a couple of dollars. Desktop wallets also often have vulnerabilities or errors in the work process. When choosing this wallet for storing your funds, you need to remember that the loss of the PIN code will lead to the loss of savings. Another significant disadvantage of using “USB” is the ability to lose or spoil it physically. For example, children or a dog can break it at home.

 Mobile wallet

It is a universal way to store funds. These are applications for PCs or mobile phones, browser extensions. Finding such a wallet is easy: just go to the official website of the project and download the appropriate version. But this method also has its own difficulties. The mobile option is suitable for those who need constant access to their coins for transactions. But the cryptocurrency will not be downloaded on the smartphone, so it can only be accessed if the Internet is available.

 Online wallet

This method is similar to the cryptocurrency storage on an exchange. But this method is more convenient and unsafe at the same time, because coins do not belong to you and its safety depends entirely on the service. At the moment hackers have a myriad of options for stealing funds: hacking users’ accounts or a service itself, or creating a phishing page. You need to be extremely careful and not keep a large amount of funds in your online wallet.

A very promising multicurrency wallet project, BitMarket Network Client, has appeared in the crypto world recently. It incorporates the best features of all the listed wallets. Experts have already assumed it as the safest and most convenient service for storing digital money. The platform and its developers do not have full access to the user’s coins. You can start working with the service only after setting two-factor authentication on your account. And the open source code allows independent experts to verify the application. The most convenient thing is that clients have access to their resources anytime and anyway. The application contains many currencies – Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum and many others. Currency rate is constantly updated. And the transaction charge is few.

BitMarket Network Client is now in its alpha version and looking for like-minded people.