Monero (XMR) is a Currency not a Store of Value Comparing with Bitcoin (BTC)

Soon 1 Monero will be like 1 Bitcoin it’s only a matter of time until people wake up and realize the world we live in today needs privacy. Monero is a currency not a store of value. Privacy is more important than ever. As a result, Monero will become one of the most popular cryptocurrencies in the crypto world.

Community expressed: Unfortunately, I think that the average person cares more about convenience and comfort than privacy and freedom.

It just left those who know the reality as to how are BTC’s low throughput and high fees convenient?

What they don’t know is countries already HODL Monero.  It’s the only asset they DONT want people to know they have. We always knew privacy by default was never possible on the Bitcoin protocol. It is time people know the truth. Monero is the true fungible digital gold and cash.

Monero Maximalists are like: it is the true Bitcoin, no hype, pure fundamentals, for basic human rights, for people, is what people think they get when they buy Bitcoin, changes you and as the only coin that matters.

Unlike Dash, privacy safeguards with Monero are not optional. All funds which are sent and received are anonymized as standard. When using Monero, anonymity is default. It is so cheap right now if you think about what it can mean for the world. It’s so fast, all transfers high anonymity and you have not so many fees when you buy Monero direct and don’t switch to it from another crypto coin. The Monero network technique is great.

In El Salvador, 70 percent of the population have no bank account and work in the informal economy.” Well, okay, it seems that they need Monero, not Bitcoin. It is the only cryptocurrency used for commerce. Untraceable Commerce means true freedom to OPT OUT. Trade happens 24/7. 365. It is unstoppable.

Bitcoin was an incredible initial prototype for blockchain technology and how it could be applied to the MoE and SoV use cases of a currency but it’s lack of fungibility makes it unfit for mass adoption. A great initial prototype and praise the Lord that we now have Monero.

Year 2021 saw Monero climb by over 250% on the charts in just over 4 months. That’s an extraordinary hike, one comparable to the hikes noted by the rest of the market’s alts.

Comparing Bitcoin and Monero in terms of key attributes, network effects, privacy, and fungibility, the key takeaway is everything has tradeoffs, and so it depends on what you choose to optimize for.