Amazon may be preparing products in DeFi

Amazon is looking for a professional with experience in decentralized finance (DeFi) to lead the Amazon Managed Blockchain (AMB).

In February, CoinDesk suggested that the e-commerce giant was preparing to launch a digital asset in Mexico.

Amazon’s blockchain ecosystem

Apparently, Amazon plans to improve and possibly expand its operations on the Amazon Managed Blockchain.

“(Professionals who) will work closely with engineering teams to delve into the details and turn ideas into reality. The candidate must be an enthusiast of blockchain technology, distributed systems and cloud software,” says the job announcement.

AMB is a platform that facilitates blockchain management using Ethereum and Hyper Ledger Fabric. DeFi operations, financial systems and supply chain are among the services offered by the network.

Like Microsoft’s Azure, Amazon Managed Blockchain offers cloud services. Through the network, companies are able to create and manage applications and services in blocks.

Within this context, professionals with knowledge in the decentralized finance market will be prioritized.

“Experience in delivering products or innovations in the blockchain space and, in particular, DeFi or Traditional Financial Services will be seen as advantages.”

Speculation around a payment token

In February, CoinDesk suggested that Amazon was preparing to launch its own digital asset in Mexico.

The speculation arose after the company opened a series of jobs. At the time, one of the statements presented a product responsible for converting fiat money into digital currency.

“This product will allow customers to convert their money into digital currency using online services, including purchases of goods and/or services like Prime Video,” the company revealed.

The assumption regained strength with the new contract announced, now, in the United States. In addition, AMB recently added support for Ethereum, the DeFi system’s home network.

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