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Charles Hoskinson Cardano (ADA) 5 hours Interview Lex Fridman – All Were Right Questions in the Longest Podcast Ever



Someone who watched the 5 hour interview between Charles Hoskinson and Lex Fridman stated, “The speed of this man’s brain just pulls you into all these topics you know nothing about but feel like you got a glimpse of a much bigger world. Impressive human being, thanks for this Interview Lex.”

Introduction – What programming language is the simulation written in? Favorite philosophers; Theory vs engineering in cryptocurrency; What programming languages should everyone learn? Haskell and beyond; Plutus: Cardano’s smart contract platform based on Haskell; What is a blockchain? Hybrid smart contracts; Proof of work vs proof of stake; Cardano’s proof of stake consensus algorithm; What is Cardano? Cardano vs Ethereum vs Bitcoin; The problem with Bitcoin; Bitcoin Conference; – Ergo and Alex Chepurnoy; Cardano’s Extended UTXO Model; Chainlink and Oracle Networks; Cardano and Wolfram Alpha; The future of video games; Smart contracts timeline for Cardano;

Decentralized exchanges ; Jack Dorsey and Bitcoin ; Elon Musk and Tesla: Cardano, Ethereum, Bitcoin; Dogecoin and Elon Musk; Hydra vs Lightning Network; Non-Interactive Proofs of Proof-of-Work (NIPoPoWs); Cardano failure modes; – Cardano vs Polkadot; Vitalik Buterin;  Corrupting nature of power; Satoshi Nakamoto; Cardano’s vision for decentralized governance; Cardano in Ethiopia; El Salvador and Bitcoin; Cryptocurrency will inject capitalism with long-term incentives; Day in the life of Charles Hoskinson; Mushrooms; – Joe Rogan; – Video games; Advice for young people; Meaning of life.


Community Response to the Interview:

This is Charles Hoskinson, broadcasting recorded from Lex Friedman’s studio! Always Charles, always Lex, sometimes human!

I have been a Blockchain investor for the last 3 years and I have not seen a SINGLE interview with Charles that actually asks him something new outside of “Hey ETH is pretty neat isn’t it”. Thank you so much for asking all the RIGHT questions with Charles. I haven’t seen him this excited for an interview in a long time.


This interview convinced me to start my own stake pool. Wish me luck.

These two made me realize how they are on such a higher plane of intellect than I am. At times I was so completely lost.

You can be ignorant toward Charles if you want. This man is manifesting his destiny right before our eyes. I watched Vitalik interview and I have upmost respect for him but Charles’s overall understanding an vision of this technology and the direction it needs to go is uncanny.


I’m not investing in ada so much as I’m investing in Charles, his vision for the future is amazing.