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John McAfee no longer has cryptocurrencies



John McAfee said he no longer owns cryptocurrencies. 

The famous crypto influencer is still in prison, and his assets are seized.


However, according to what he said, the US law enforcement agencies believe that he is still in possession of cryptocurrencies hidden somewhere.

In fact, McAfee could theoretically have sent cryptocurrencies to addresses that only he knew of, and whose private keys could be hidden in places known only to him. For this reason, it is plausible that law enforcement is looking for these private keys , or their seeds.

McAfee also claims that his cryptocurrencies that have not yet been seized have been “dissolved” over time particularly in the many hands of Team McAfee, so by now he would have none left.


Then he adds:

“My friends have evaporated for fear of being associated with me.

I have nothing left now.

But I don’t regret anything ”. 


This gloss objectively seems to be the lament of a sad man but not repentant of what he did.

John McAfee, crypto and prison

Certainly his current situation is far from happy, and unfortunately it is not even surprising that his former collaborators have decided to abandon him. In fact, the risk that they could be involved in the investigation, and especially in the accusations, is real, so they may have decided to step away to avoid worsening their situation.

In fact, the situation for McAfee is apparently not looking good at all. 


He was arrested several months ago , and has remained in prison ever since.

The fact is that in January two years ago he fled the US to escape IRS tax evasion charges, and remained a fugitive for more than a year and a half. So the risk that he could flee again, if he were released from prison, is significant, and this certainly does not currently play in his favor.

However, it should be emphasized that the time to reach a response from justice is particularly long , and this adds a further problem to his situation.


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