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Top Trader Mega Bullish on Cardano, Says Three Little-Known Altcoins Could Be Gearing Up for Big Rallies



A high-profile pseudonymous crypto trader is sharing his bullish takes on Cardano (ADA) and three relatively unknown altcoins.

The analyst, known in the industry as Capo, tells his 134,000 Twitter followers that he is painfully optimistic about Ethereum-competitor Cardano’s future heading into the rest of 2021.

“I’m so bullish on ADA that it hurts.”


The trader goes on to share that ADA is one of his biggest crypto holdings, and currently considers it a superior bet to Bitcoin and reigning top smart contract platform Ethereum.

“ETH looks better than BTC though. And ADA looks better than ETH…

ADA remains one of my biggest bags now.”


In addition to ADA, Capo says that he’s also keeping a close watch on World Token (WORLD), which is attempting to create a one-stop digital marketplace for all digital items. Capo says once WORLD breaks above 0.000027 against Ethereum (WORLD/ETH), it could take off.

Still waiting for the trigger (blue arrow) – fundamentals are good but it’s not showing strength yet.”

Source: CryptoCapo

Capo is also bullish on scalable, developer-friendly smart contract platform TomoChain (TOMO) against Bitcoin (TOMO/BTC).

Capo shares a chart showing TOMO increasing by nearly 600% against BTC in the coming year.

Source: CryptoCapo

Decentralized, interoperable cloud computing project Phala Network (PHA) is another asset Capo is watching.

Capo believes that PHA, with a market cap of just over $100 million could follow in the footsteps of Quant, one of the first interoperable blockchains, which currently holds a market cap of over $800 million.

“PHA is about to pull a QNT. Just saying.”

Capo shared his Bitcoin analysis this week as well, stating that Bitcoin was “about to teleport to $45,000-$48,000.”


At time of writing, Bitcoin is hovering around $38,000.

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