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John McAfee says he ran out of money and bitcoin: “I don’t have anything”



I don’t have anything,” said John McAfee on Twitter Wednesday, referring to his current financial condition, publicly declaring that he has no more money or bitcoin.

The former businessman, who is often labeled a multimillionaire and Silicon Valley legend, has been imprisoned in Spain since October last year and is fighting not to be extradited to the US, where he has accounts to report to the US Internal Revenue Service (IRS).

“The US believes I hid cryptocurrencies. I wish it were true, but they dissolved through the many hands of Team McAfee (believe it or not), and my remaining possessions were all confiscated. My friends evaporated for fear of association. I have nothing. However, I don’t regret anything,” he said, who is a great critic of the American government because of the printing of money.


Days before, also on Twitter, McAfee suggested that he has been crying because he feels abandoned. In what he called “bad day”, stressed that he would be surprised if at least 1% of his followers read his messages.

Lawsuits against John McAfee in the US

McAfee is not only targeted by US authorities for tax evasion, but is also part of an investigation into a murder that took place in 2012, meaning it has more than a decade of conflict in the country.

The family of Gregory Faull, who was shot dead that year, accused the businessman of involvement in the crime that fled the country and since then has not set foot on American soil.


More recently, McAfee has also been indicted for fraud and money laundering charges by the US Attorney. According to the authority, the businessman orchestrated a pump and dump scheme for cryptocurrencies and profited from ICOs (Initial Currency Offering).

The Englishman, raised in Virginia (USA), is a pioneer in the antivirus software that bears his name. In the last few years that he spent much of his time on his boat, the former businessman was constantly seen in the pages of newspapers, both for the controversies surrounding his story and for his passion for bitcoin.

He even publicly assumed that he refused to declare taxes. In turn, the IRS had been looking for him for lack of declaration since 2014.