Ripple and Major Trading Platforms Shift 282 Million XRP, While Ripple’s XRP Transfers to Huobi Shrink

Ripple fintech monster, Binance and a few other major crypto traders have shifted a gaping 282 million XRP, some of it circulated from Ripple and back to its wallets

Whale Alert DLT tracking service, which tracks large cryptocurrency transfers, has posted several tweets about large XRP movements in the past nineteen hours.

Ripple and several major exchanges have been noticed to shift a total of 282 million XRP.

Eye-popping sums of XRP again on the move

According to the data shared by Whale Alert, Ripple has moved 127.6 million XRP (equal to $107,394,714) in two transactions.

15 million XRP was shifted from wallet RL92-MN to RL43-EE. A staggering 112,564,445 XRP went from a Ripple wallet to RL18-VN. The latter is often used for further distributions of XRP to other platforms – most often, crypto exchanges, custody wallet BitGo that has recently been acquired by Mike Novogratz’s Galaxy Digital, etc.

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As for the digital exchanges, Bybit, Binance and Bistamp have been involved in XRP transactions this time, with Binance emerging three times.

Bybit sent 82,938,295 XRP to Binance. Ripple has sent 24 million XRP to Binance and then this sum went to Bitstamp and after that was returned to Ripple.

Ripple reduces daily XRP transfers to Huobi

The blockchain decacorn has reduced its daily XRP transfers to China’s crypto behemoth to 3,358,000 coins. This is the amount Ripple has been sending to the exchange since June 13.

The week before that the company shifted 5,275,250 XRP per day to Huobi. These crypto stashes sent by Ripple to Huobi have been going for several months already.

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