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Forget Amazon Prime Day, Earn Double Bitcoin Back From Lolli Promo



Who needs Amazon Prime Day when you can get free bitcoin on your purchases?

Lolli is offering customers up to 14% back in bitcoin in their limited promo offer. A variety of retailers are available on Lolli for you to take advantage of the promo.

You can get cash back (crypto back?) on any purchase you make. All previous percentage offers on crypto back are now double for a limited time when you shop with Lolli. Shop from over 1,000 merchants on the platform and get bitcoin back on every purchase.

What Is Lolli?

Lolli is a cashback/bitcoin rewards company. The platform works as a browser extension that you can add to your browser. The browser extension can be added to Chrome, Firefox, and Safari browsers.

With Lolli, every purchase you make from one of their partner stores gets you bitcoin rewards up to 30%. The average rewards percentage currently sits at 7%.

The company was founded in 2018 by Alex Adelman and Mark Senter. They wanted to create an accessible way where people could get bitcoin as a reward for shopping for everyday items. Making it that people can own bitcoin without having to actually buy it.

Lolli works by giving you a percentage cashback on purchases and depositing the bitcoin into your Lolli wallet. You are then able to withdraw the bitcoin once you have up to $15 in your wallet.

This way, customers get money back on their purchases. And merchants get new customers and generate more sales.

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Lolli raised $3 million in a Seed Round that was led by PathFinder in 2020. The seed round’s investors included notable names like Aston Kutcher and Bain Capital.

The company then went on to raise $5 million in a Pre-Series round from Seven Seven Six. Also included in the funding round was Serena Williams’ Serena Ventures. This brings the total funding raised by the company to date to $10.5 million.

How It Works

It’s a pretty straightforward service. You download the browser extension. This only takes a second to do.

The extension then brings you to a page where you can sign up and log in.

Then when you go on merchant sites to shop, Lolli will pop up to show you how much cashback you’re eligible for. You can go on and check out. And then you get your Lolli rewards.

As a fraud mitigation effort, Lolli only gives you the rewards once your return date has elapsed. This is to make sure that people do not purchase items and then return them. Taking the Lolli rewards and not actually buying.

It usually takes about 30 to 90 days after your purchase that you can get your rewards. You can check your account to see your balance. There is usually an estimate of your cashback on your purchase on your account. Then you can see your actual balance when you get your coins.

As a rule, Lolli never collects your data across websites. You can be sure that your data is not being sold to third parties. Lolli does not store any of your data.

So if you’re looking for ways to get some exposure to bitcoin without having to buy some, this is a great opportunity

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