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Interview with TokenAngels, the Italian whale of Non Fungible Token (NFT)



The Cryptonomist and DeFi Today interviewed TokenAngels , one of the world’s largest collectors of non-fungible tokens (NFT).


  • When did you get interested in NFTs and why?


In 2019, one year after the start of the crypto bear market, I asked myself some sector could help crypto to grow and I immediately thought about gaming , so I started attending some conferences dedicated to blockchain gaming in London, HK, etc. and I met the founders of the first projects / platforms such as OpenSea, NonFungible, SandBox, etc and as they say “it was love at first sight”.

I even remember that on the return flight from HK I saw Ready Player One and between a gin and tonic and the other I think I really had an enlightenment, it must have been the effect of the juniper or the closeness to God …


  • Can you tell us your favorite projects and artists you have invested in?


My name makes it clear that I am an angel investor, in fact I have invested in about a dozen projects in the NFT space but for confidentiality I always prefer not to make them public. 

As for my NFT investments obviously they are on the blockchain, just check my wallet.

Let’s say that I am mainly interested in art and collectibles. A little less for the moment in VR and gaming.

I focus mainly on those projects and artists who founded the current of CryptoArt which in my opinion goes from 2016 to the end of 2019.

Above all I am proud to have collected 4 of the 7 unique RarePepe, including the Famous HomerPepe , many CryptoPunks , among them I have 1 of the 8 zero traits, 1 of the 24 Apes and 1 of the 11 six traits (which among other things is the CryptoPunk with multiple hidden strokes).

As for the artists, I have a particular passion for Matt Kane, with whom I launched the project, a programmable work that changes daily depending on the price of Bitcoin and that over the next 10 years will create 210 NFTs.

Of course I can’t fail to mention Sarah Zucker, Xcopy, OficinasTK, Max Osiris, MLO, Joy.

And as regards Italy, which has given and continues to make a fundamental contribution to this current and to NFTland in general, over the years I have collected works by Mattia Cuttini, Hackatao, hex6c, Federico Solmi, Paola Pinna, Ablu, etc … But there are many very good ones that I have not yet had the opportunity to collect, indeed I invite you to follow them on their social Twitter (yes because this is where CryptoArt communicates), Instagram and if you have Telegram follow the numerous channels including RIOT


  • What do you think of the boom that NFTs are having now? Are we in a bubble?


I strongly believe in the tokenization of assets, both digital and physical, so I am very confident about the future of NFTs in general. 

NFTs especially as regards art have given artists the opportunity to make themselves known all over the world and have brought many people closer to art. In fact, in addition to acquiring a certain “status”, collectors can also interact with artists and become real patrons as well as make good friendships and maybe collaborate on new projects together.

Obviously I would say that 90% of the money spent on NFT comes from earnings made in crypto so even NFTs, or some … especially those of some projects made only for hit and run gains … they can become bubbles and burst quickly …

There are many influencers in this space who promote projects to make cash out and reinvest in a new project and then talk it again about newcomers …

This is why I focus on OG projects like RarePepe , Punks, Autoglyphs… nobody can change the story… So… watch out for pinball machines…


  • Since you’ve been in the industry from the very beginning, what did you think when you heard about the nearly $ 70 million investment in Beeple?


Well, let’s say I would have liked to have seen a CryptoArt founder as the first artist in an auction house. Fortunately, this is happening this week at Sotheby’s.

The record sale has certainly caused talk of NFTs around the world but has also alienated traditional collectors who have deemed it a joke.

What I am waiting for is that it is precisely non-crypto collectors who buy important NFTs in order to validate and therefore make an endorsement to this new technology / art form.


  • How do you see the future of NFTs 5 or 10 years from now?


I believe that NFTs can become one of the most important asset classes in the world both in the virtual economy and in the traditional physical one.

I hope they become smarter, that they can communicate with each other, that they can be used in more ways and worlds and above all they allow anyone to feel part of a community and to express their creativity.

We know that Italy has given so much to the development of civilization, I hope that each of us can make a contribution for the future digital world to come because the Metaverse without a touch of Italianness can never be a beautiful world ..

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