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More than 400 Bitcoin mining equipment is seized



The crackdown on Bitcoin miners is taking place not only in China, but also in Latin America. In Venezuela, a total of 411 Bitcoin mining equipment was seized by the military.

According to local information, authorities seized the equipment this weekend, in two different actions.

One of the operations took place in the municipality of Agua Blanca, in the Portuguese state. In action, the military seized a total of 332 Bitcoin mining ASIC rigs. Among them, 56 of the Innosilicon brand, another 136 Antminers and 140 AladdinMiner.

The machines were seized at inspection posts located in that region, where agents carry out routine inspections. In addition, they check documentation and permits.

The equipment was then transferred from San Antonio del Táchira (border area with Colombia) to the capital of the state of Carabobo, Valencia, two hours from Caracas.

The driver of the truck in which the equipment was being transported was arrested, according to sources in the Bolivarian National Guard

Seizure of Bitcoin Miners

In the second operation, carried out in the state of Barinas, 79 ASIC for Bitcoin mining of the Innosilicon brand were seized.

As reported by local portals, the mining equipment was hidden in a house. The property’s occupants were also detained during the action.

The government said the seizures are not a form of crackdown on the BTC mining industry. According to the authorities, the equipment was apprehended for not having the necessary documentation to operate legally.

In Venezuela, Bitcoin mining is regulated and those wishing to carry out this activity must have licenses issued by the National Superintendence of Cryptoactives and Related Activities, Sunacrip.

However, despite the legalization of mining in the country, this type of seizure has become common due to the lack of licenses from Sunacrip.

Proof of this is that before this apprehension, another one had taken place in April also at a checkpoint where police officers apprehended 76 ASICs in the state of Bolivar.

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