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CoinsPaid connects companies with DeFi



If you haven’t heard of it yet, CoinsPaid has been successfully developing cryptocurrency payment solutions for the B2B sector since 2014 . The company is primarily known for its cryptocurrency processing and is the 2021 winner of AIBC’s Payment Provider nomination.

However, it’s not just about crypto processing in the CoinsPaid product line. The company’s ecosystem includes an Exchange & OTC Desk, White Label, Plug & Pay, Enterprise and Personal Wallet, and more! All of these services are made for easy and safe cryptocurrency operations and are linked under one intuitive interface. Overall, it supports 30+ cryptocurrencies and 20+ fiat currencies. Product safety is constantly monitored by the team. It is secured with a hot and cold wallet system, withdrawal limits and other advanced features to prevent fraud or phishing. The company is the first cryptocurrency project controlled and certified by Kaspersky Lab and 10 guards, whose rigorous verification systems ensure that users’ data and funds are 100% secure.

The company’s profits and market share have skyrocketed over the past two years, with 2020 being the most successful so far, with fivefold revenue growth as a result. The most recent numbers on their site declare the company’s turnover of 1.3 billion euros in the past five months (January to May 2021).

On June 1, 2021, the company announced the launch of its IDO and CoinsPaid (CPD) token .

Over the past year and a half, cryptocurrency markets as a whole have been growing, reaching a market capitalization of $ 2 trillion in April 2021, with the market value of Bitcoin surpassing $ 1 trillion earlier. in February 2021. This trend is also applicable to the DeFi sector which shows $ 53 billion TVL (total frozen value) on June 21, 2021. With the growing popularity among businesses and individuals, the demand for crypto products and services will continue to evolve. Today, CoinsPaid is the number 1 payment provider in the iGaming industry. With the rapidly changing environment of the cryptocurrency industry, other sectors, including e-commerce, e-sports, and more, are looking for cryptocurrency processing solutions. 

The customer’s perspective

We chose cryptocurrencies for their simplicity, lower fees and faster operations. So, by installing CoinsPaid Cryptoprocessing on your online platform, you will get just these listed advantages. Before long, you are likely to appreciate this new level of convenience in payment processing and seek out other crypto tools for additional benefits. For example, when you finish the month with a certain amount of money in your account, you would like to get some commission on this amount. In the past, you had to go to the bank for this. Nowadays, crypto solutions can be chosen. Decentralized Finance ( DeFi) has reached a certain level of maturity in recent years and can now offer a wide variety of financial services, all based on decentralized protocols. 

Now, how do you find a suitable and safe DeFi solution for your business or personal needs? Well, it is necessary to invest time in researching the different possibilities. Do you think that such a service is offered to you by the cryptocurrency processing provider under the same interface you already use for payments? Yes, it could be the option your company or you as an individual have been looking for. Ultimately, it only makes sense for the CoinsPaid team to respond to market demand and add DeFi solutions to their ecosystem.

Until now CoinsPaid did not have a token. By adding CDP to their ecosystem, they pursue the goal of providing many new possibilities to their customers and existing products. 

How will the CoinsPaid token work?

The CPD token is based on multichain and will be added to all CoinsPaid products , performing a utility function. Instead of paying commissions in other cryptocurrencies, customers will have the option to pay in CPD and receive discounts and rewards in return. 

We note that CoinsPaid until now was mostly a B2B focused company and their customers are online businesses. The estimated number of total customer end users is 5 million, so CPD has a great chance of attracting the attention of these users. 

Tokenomics includes an incentive program that aims to make the token popular with B2B and B2C customers. 

Main features of the CoinsPaid token.

  • 30% discount on fees paid in CPD and an additional 20% discount for CPD holders. Up to 50% total discount on transactions
  • 10% discount for B2B customers for the token promotion
  • CPD token operations are also performed at a 50% discount
  • DeFi staking rewards
  • Monthly CPD burning following the issuance of all liquidity on the market
  • Token swaps will be available for ETH, BSC, SOL and EOS chains to offer merchants a wide choice of blockchains
  • Discount on future marketing services and products
  • Total supply of tokens: 800M

What benefits are there for investors, and why is this IDO different from the others?

  1. CoinsPaid is an established and profitable company entering the DeFi market, not a new startup.
  2. The company will add the token to its existing ecosystem of different products.
  3. A customer pool will start using the token right away.
  4. Tokenomics is not for short-term business; the token has lockup and vesting periods, which means you will have to hold CPD for some time.
  5. The company is creating its community to bring on board those who are not yet within the CoinsPaid ecosystem. 

The IDO is currently a private sale round; only 2% of the total IDO pool will be available for public sale to those who have pre-registered on the waiting list .

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