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Non-Fungible Bible NFB: the first NFT book on blockchain



And if the NFT or Non-Fungible Token are the digital representation of the works of art, then the Non-Fungible Bible (NFB) is that work that could collect them in the first NFT book created on the blockchain.

Here is the new project, launched at the beginning of this April 2021: 

The book will contain a maximum of 512 pages that will contain 1024 unique user-generated pieces of art , each represented by an NFT called the Bible that can be exchanged or redeemed for a physical copy of the book.

But let’s go in order, in order to start collecting works from artist users, the Non-Fungible Bible has given birth to its native ERC-20 token: PAGE. 

Starting Monday 21 June until Thursday 24 June 2021 at 5 PM UTC, PAGE is available for booking in the form of a Dutch auction , starting at 2 ETH and going down to 0.2 ETH. 

In fact, at the very beginning of this week, the project announced the start of the auction that takes place on the SushiSwap platform: 

“The team is delighted to announce updated details of our PAGE sale which will take place on the SushiSwap SUSHI MISO platform on June 21st at 5:00 PM UTC.” 

Still ongoing until tomorrow, as described above , the sale of the PAGEs has as its objective the total distribution of as many as 970 PAGEs , of which 30 PAGEs will be added as liquidity. 

Non-Fungible Bible and the 2 PAGE and BIBLE tokens: how it works

In essence, the ERC-20 token PAGE would represent a page of the book on which to place your NFT ARTs. In fact, the project underlines that it is not possible to buy fractions of PAGE , but an entire token precisely because it represents the page of the book.

For artists who have long since entered the digital world, thanks to NFT ART, the new Non-Fungible Bible would represent an opportunity to promote themselves by being part of a collective , and not individually. 

But the project is only in its initial phase! After two months from the complete sale of PAGE, which would ensure reserved seats in the NFBible, the final NFT or ERC721 token called BIBLE will come into play 

In practice, the artist who has deposited his 1 PAGE together with his art will see his token blocked and then receive his BIBLE token in exchange.

The BIBLE token can then be exchanged on the open market and will also be redeemable for a physical copy of the NFB when the book has been printed. If the user decides to redeem the physical copy of the book, his BIBLE will be burned. 

The world of NFTs continues to expand like wildfire. Recently, the famous Italian football club, Juventus, also declared that they are part of the world of Non-Fungible Tokens.

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