Cardano and Orion together for a crypto trading platform

The partnership between Cardano and Orion continues with the creation of a trading platform that is a “one-stop-shop”. 

The purpose of the collaboration is to create a single decentralized platform that aggregates the cryptocurrency exchanges currently on the market. To do this Orion will integrate the Cardano blockchain. 

Why Orion chose Cardano

In fact, Orion’s mission is to create a single entry point into the crypto market , not a real exchange, but a platform that functions as an aggregator, where you can access without the need to use KYC and AML, and which directs the user to the platform. with the best price. 

At the moment, therefore, through the Cardano blockchain, users will be able to trade cryptocurrencies. This will also lead to an increase in the number of transactions on the ADA blockchain. 

The project also aims to integrate financial markets and NFT marketplaces soon. For this we needed a scalable blockchain. 

Cardano was chosen for its sustainable consensus system , a special “Proof of Stake” that consumes significantly less energy than Bitcoin’s Proof of Work . In fact, while Bitcoin is capable of consuming as much electricity as Switzerland, Cardano uses the equivalent of the energy needed for a home. 

Romain Pellerin , CTO of IOHK, said: 

“We believe that collaboration in the industry is critical for blockchain to achieve mainstream adoption, which is why we have always adopted an open source and patent-free approach to building Cardano. 

As a result, we are always looking to partner with projects like Orion, which are crucial for blockchain to reach its ‘bluetooth moment’, where users have a seamless experience when using blockchain networks, no matter what platform they are using. “.

Cardano the real alternative to Ethereum

According to the Orion team, however, Cardano has all the potential to replace Ethereum . In this regard, Timothea Horwell , CMO of Orion stated 

“Scalability is of paramount importance to Orion in order to achieve widespread adoption: to become the single entry point to the digital asset market, we need a robust and scalable infrastructure that can effectively and efficiently manage transactions. that take place on that platform. Designed for efficiency and scalability, the Cardano ecosystem is developing into the most complete and most useful blockchain ever built. 

For Orion, Cardano is better than Ethereum , here’s why:

“As the market rushes towards the solution for the main alternative to Ethereum on which to build a blockchain-based financial future, Cardano is poised to take that place as the first and largest blockchain proof of stake, solving critical areas such as cost, latency, efficiency and scalability. With Orion’s goal of making the digital asset market inclusive and accessible, Cardano’s inclusive and open-source method is perfect. ” 

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