DOGE Starts Going Up as Elon Musk Tweets “Release the Doge”, Posting Godfather Meme

Tesla CEO has published a Godfather meme picture, demanding that DOGE must be released.

For the second time today, the Tesla CEO Elon Musk is mentioning his favorite crypto – Dogecoin – in his tweets.

The tweet demands that Dogecoin must be released. No explanation was offered by Musk, as it happens all the time.

After that tweet came out, the price of DOGE began to rise, so far only over 2 percent but the growth continues.

Image via Twitter

Earlier, Elon Musk stated that miners will not be able to use Tesla’s Dojo supercomputer for mining Dogecoin on it.

Less than an hour after that, the centibillionaire published another tweet dedicated to DOGE. In the past, many in the cryptocommunity opined that the Tesla CEO is trying to deliberately manipulate the crypto market, pushing the Dogecoin price up and moving Bitcoin price up and down the charts.

Musk is a Dogecoin holder himself and in his tweets earier this year, he stated that he does not intend to sell his DOGE holdings.

Image via Twitter

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