Cardano (ADA) Community Discussing Grayscale Investments Efficiency and Improved Trust

Factoid Friday from the Cardano Foundation this week talks about how Cardano Improvement proposals are a framework for formatting, discussing, and submitting proposal for network upgrades, such as the saturation limit (K) or the minimum transaction fee.  It is totally distinct from the governance process, and the decisions are made off-chain.

To know more about CIPs users or investors should explore the Current CIPs as of 11-05-2021 extensively which consists:  CIP process, Coin Selection Algorithms for Cardano, Wallet Key Generation, Wallet checksums, Common Bech32 Prefixes, Stake Pool Extended Metadata, Curve Pledge Benefit, Message Signing, Protocol Parameters, Transaction Metadata Label Registry, Staking Key Chain for HD Wallets, On-Chain stake pool operator to delegates communication, Cardano URI Scheme, User-Facing Asset Fingerprint, Catalyst Transaction Metadata Format, Cryptographic key serialisation formats, Cardano Address, HD (Hierarchy for Deterministic) Wallets for Cardano, HD (Hierarchy for Deterministic) stake pool cold keys for Cardano, Multi-signatures HD wallets.

Positive Community response was like:  Cardano will always win.  I like it. It was a lot of work.

Negative Community response was like:  Too many just blindly accept what is spoon-fed to them. Sometimes it is important to be skeptical.

Meanwhile, Grayscale expressed:  “We adjusted the portfolio of Grayscale Digital Large Cap Fund by selling certain amounts of the existing Fund components in proportion to their respective weightings and using the cash proceeds to purchase Cardano ($ADA). This table shows the Fund’s weightings as of July 2, 2021.”

Positive Community response:  So basically close your eyes and long ADA 100X. Just like ETC, makes no sense, don’t try to get it, just close your eyes and do it. In Barry we trust. Well done. Not only did you include it. ADA is weighted 3rd biggest in your fund. Good work.

While all this is happening some people are like:  What does Cardano actually do? Where do I start?  Should I stake from the ledger with no lock up or minimum amount. Is 5% APY paid every 5 days. They say they are partners with Ethiopia, Tanzania, Georgia? Smart contracts here already and being tested by Devs. Most Github submits and most worked on project. Huge ecosystem, public launch in Aug/Sep.

Optimistic educator:  For those who are new to Cardano and do not understand what it is all about, There is a wealth of information that lies outside.

Skeptic:  Indeed, and it all says the same; Cardano does nothing. A project that doesn’t even have a working product, but is in the top 10 and it shows that the market still hasn’t matured beyond hype.