Charles Hoskinson Claims There Are “Thousands” of Assets on Cardano in Response to Criticism

Charles Hoskinson’s poorly aged tweet has reignited the “ghost chain” debate

IOHK CEO Charles Hoskinson has taken to Twitter to shut down critics that recently pounced on his poorly aged tweet from July 2020.

Hoskinson claimed that there would be hundreds of assets, thousands of dApps, and tons of interesting projects on top of the proof-of-stake blockchain.

Now, Ethereum holders and other Cardano skeptics claim that none of this actually happened, with only two weeks left to deliver on the ambitious goals.

However, Hoskinson actually states that there’s already “thousands” of assets on Cardano in response to a slew of caustic retweets.

Cardano Assets

The “Ethereum killer” is set to fully roll out its smart contract capabilities—which will allow it to host a vast array of decentralized applications— in early September.

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