IOTA Is More Attractive To Startups Deep Linking Micro Transactions

Dominik Schiener expressed:  Do people actually still think that startup accelerators or incubators add value? It feels like the hype around Techstars, Y Combinator, etc., died down. What else should we at the Foundation focus on to assist startups in our ecosystem? We are here to accelerate the building.

Apart from the obvious: Functional base layer and tools to build with, and an efficient grant program.

Community response:  How to demonstrate use cases to others, advising/creating projects that can be used today, funding community meet-up events, creating unique presentations for specific use cases (ex. Smart Cities), the layout of bridging the gap between consumer and the ecosystem for the startups.

I guess whoever will do a startup will find his way and focus on standardization now, so when it becomes a standard, the startups will automatically increase.

Firefly and a web wallet are important as of now. They must work for microtransactions, offer deep linking and have a message field like before. They act as a gateway for 99% of Iota users and need to be available on iOS and android.

Create a group of super knowledgeable and enthusiastic people about IOTA and have big business/political smarts to go around and talk to businesses/governments about how IOTA can improve their business/citizens’ lives. Presentations, use cases, implementation.

Create a presentation template slide that explains IOTA and a collection of objects that we can integrate quickly to build presentations.

I think accelerators are oversaturated in the US, but we could really use some of that in the developing world. Many unemployed kids here could be learning and building the next generation economy, but very little access to finance.

I work for an incubator active in Dubai, Malaysia, Singapore, and India. Let me know if you can see a synergy—the incubator focus on Blockchain projects, Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence.

Think of IOTA as a platform economy. Bring one use case to Markets that proves the economic benefits. Don’t go by the scattergun approach. Push one baby over the line with all needed resources, demand IOTA visible in the business model, and draw others into the marketplace.

Several things could be done to make IOTA more attractive to startups. Even when you know how to code, most projects are a noticeable investment of time – a week is nothing, a month has gone quickly. So, even as a full stack developer thinking about too.