Cardano (ADA) will arrive in 10 Fortunes 500 by 2026

According to Frederik Gregaard , CEO of the Cardano Foundation, the foundation behind the development of the blockchain of the same name and the ADA cryptocurrency , said yesterday , the long-term goal for the company would be to have at least 10 Fortunes 500 that will own ADA by 2026. .

In addition to these, according to Gregaard, 50 banks will also come to hold ADAs by 2022. 

Gregaard, CEO of the Cardano Foundation since September 2020, has in fact held a stream on YouTube in which he presented the roadmap of the project in the coming years.

This would lead ADA to be used daily for financial transactions, becoming one of the competitors of Ripple and Stellar Lumens. To do this, Cardano is planning to increase the interoperability of its blockchain and to work more in the DeFi space, making this sector of decentralized finance a regulated space like banking services.

These are the words of the CEO of the Cardano Foundation:

“The other part about focusing on the banks- will allow us downstream, to push one of the most recollected industries but also one of the industries most right for a change. So basically, get their eyes open for what they can do long-term using smart contracts and other features using Cardano protocol. “

As a shorter-term goal, the team also wants to create a blockchain explorer to make it more transparent and publish three new whitepapers to educate developers and build more onchain applications.

To do this, Cardano will also be hiring new staff over the next 12-18 months.

The latest news on Cardano

A fine giugno, Cardano aveva annunciato una partnership con Orion volta alla creazione di una piattaforma di trading “one-stop-shop”, ovvero una piattaforma unica decentralizzata che aggreghi tutti gli exchange di criptovalute attualmente presenti sul mercato.

Inoltre, a inizio giugno, Cardano aveva anche annunciato una collaborazione con Nervos per essere maggiormente interoperabile con diverse blockchain.

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