Bitcoin: seven thousand Antminers for clean mining

Gryphon Digital Minin g purchased 7,200 Antminer Pro to mine bitcoin with 100% renewable energy. 

In this 2021 the case of the environmental impact of Bitcoin mining broke out, after Elon Musk announced that Tesla was ceasing to accept BTC in payment due to the environmental impact of Bitcoin mining, considered excessive. 

Since then, many things have been happening that do not necessarily go towards reducing the energy consumption of mining, but aim more than anything else at the use of sustainable energy sources, i.e. with low environmental impact. 

Meanwhile, the energy consumption of Bitcoin mining has also decreased, but this is probably only a temporary reduction. 

In fact, the drastic drop in the overall computing power used around the world to mine bitcoin, practically halved in less than two months, is due to China’s political decision to ban mining by forcibly closing mining farms. 

A lot of computing power was precisely allocated in China, and this decision also had a significant impact on energy consumption, but presumably only in the short term. 

In fact, the Chinese mining farms themselves are moving elsewhere, and the fact that there is much less competition at the moment makes it easier and more profitable to mine bitcoins, given that it is in all respects a competition. 

So Gryphon Digital Mining’s decision fits perfectly into this complex dynamic. 

The company’s goal is to become the largest zero-emission bitcoin miner in the world, and the purchase of 7,200 top-of-the-range machines goes in this direction. 

Thanks to these Antminer Pro they will have 720 PHash / s available, or 0.72 EHash / s which must be added to the approximately 100 EHash / s overall of all the miners in the world. 

In themselves, these machines have no impact on the environment, because it is the electricity they consume, and that used to cool them, that have it. The electrical energy used by Gryphon Digital Mining is 100% renewable, and with zero carbon emissions. 

Initiatives like this, and like that of the Bitcoin Mining Council , aim precisely to make Bitcoin mining sustainable, thus reducing its environmental impact. 

Elon Musk himself stated that, if it were proved that at least 50% of all the energy used in the world for Bitcoin mining was renewable, Tesla would return to accept BTC in payment. 

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