Cake DeFi – Take interest rates like in your grandmother’s day

Everyone knows them and nobody likes them: bank fees, credit card fees, and low interest rates on savings follow us in every moment of our economic life. Twenty years ago, you could make your hard earned money work for you at 5% interest, your dream of financial freedom in retirement was assured and your ambitions were just as great. Nowadays, you pay the banks and get negative interest. This system no longer works.

Our intention at Cake DeFi is to revolutionize this outdated system and bring back the good old days of fair and safe interest rates, allowing our users to earn returns from their cryptocurrencies and digital assets.

Everything we do follows the rule of being as transparent as possible. And this runs like a common thread across all of Cake DeFi’s services – whether it’s marketing, communications or operations management, we at Cake DeFi strive to be the benchmark for transparency in the crypto space.

What are Cake DeFi’s products and services?

All of our products have a great history and create real value for our customers. With our Lending service , we offer the possibility of obtaining a return on your crypto capital. With Staking , we offer our users a service to participate in the popular Masternode Staking with various coins. Our latest cash cow product is Liquidity Mining, where our users are rewarded for providing liquidity.

Standing still is a foreign word for us at Cake DeFi. That’s why we continue to introduce innovative products and services that our community demands.

In early July, we will unveil our long-awaited app to the public and, soon after, we will start with our updated VIP program. Towards the end of the year we will also offer stocks, commodities and other currencies on our platform – for the first time it will be possible to set up fully decentralized buy and sell orders for the most popular financial stocks.

What are Staking, Lending and Liquidity Mining?

Let’s start with one of our first products: staking .

As in all blockchains , new blocks are mined and transactions must be validated. The more coins or digital assets users hold on the blockchain, the more likely they are to receive a reward for validation. Cake DeFi greatly simplifies the staking process by automatically verifying transactions on the blockchain and rewarding users with the resulting returns. The process is similar to that of a savings account, where interest is only given to you because you are hodling your own money.

Our second product in terms of time is Lending – formerly called Lapis.

With Lending, we offer the most transparent lending service of all cryptocurrency companies. What happens to our users’ BTCs when they are deposited, and how Cake DeFi earns us returns, is completely transparent and available to any user who wants to check. We are able to achieve the most competitive returns of up to 8% per annum, lending to reliable institutional partners and effectively cutting the costs of intermediaries, passing them on to our users.

Our newest product is Liquidity Mining , also known as Yield Farming. 

It is about providing liquidity in the form of cryptocurrencies for decentralized exchanges (DEX) – in this case, the DeFiChain DEX. As with all exchanges, the primary objective is to bring liquidity to the platform; our users are then rewarded for providing this liquidity.

For whom is Cake Defi particularly suitable?

Our primary goal is to create the best one-stop platform for decentralized financial services, which is easy and intuitive to use, for both newcomers and experienced crypto users. This means that truly all ages can have access to investing in decentralized financial products through Cake DeFi.

What coins can I buy on Cake DeFi?

Through our partners, users can quickly deposit Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH) to their Cake DeFi account. Buying DeFiChain’s native coin, DFI, is also possible through Cake DeFi. The purchase process generally takes a few minutes and is completed with a few clicks. Immediately after purchase, the coins will automatically appear in your personal account.

Cake DeFi doesn’t have its own token. Unlike other lending platforms, we do not have a so-called “corporate currency”. The DFI Coin is the native coin of DeFiChain, a blockchain project that brings decentralized finance to Bitcoin and Cake DeFi is the staking and R&D partner for DeFiChain and has no other connection with DeFiChain beyond this partnership.

At the moment, our users are getting a fantastic 110% annual return with our DFI Staking product and without having to do anything to receive it. With our lending product, we not only make life difficult for banks, but also offer some of the most attractive returns in the Bitcoin, Ethereum and Tether lending industry with rates up to 8% per annum.

If you too want to receive such high returns with our products and a $ 20 welcome bonus, sign up for a Cake DeFi account today at this link:

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