Polkadot prepares to overtake Cardano for development activities

Polkadot is approaching Cardano in the ranking of crypto projects with greater development activity.

CryptoDiffer reports it which analyzes the volume of activities on GitHub for dozens of crypto projects.

Cardano has been at the top of this ranking for some time , so his record is not newsworthy. What has emerged recently is the growth in this specific Polkadot ranking. 

In fact, according to what was revealed by CryptoDiffer, Cardano in the last 30 days has recorded an average of 473 daily activities on GitHub, but Polkadot is following it with 464.

It should be noted that while the Cardano developments have been very active for a long time, with relatively stable values ​​in this ranking, those of Polkadot instead have only recently started to be very active, so much so that it is growing a lot in this ranking. This suggests that over time Polkadot may even outperform Cardano for average daily activity on GitHub.

Furthermore , Kusama , the experimental “canary network” of Polkadot, placed third in this ranking , with an average of 464 daily activities.

All the other projects are clearly detached, including Ethereum. It should also be highlighted that this ranking does not take Bitcoin into consideration.

The development activity of Polkadot (and Kusama)

Since the Kusama project is actually part of Polkadot, one could also think of adding the two results and saying that Polkadot almost doubles Cardano, but in reality the fact that the number of average daily activities of Kusama is the same as Polkadot suggests that instead, they are duplicates, or rather the same activities that are carried out in parallel both on the main project and on the canary network.

Polkadot is a very ambitious project , on which many are working also because in order to achieve the final goals it actually requires a lot of work and many developments. While Cardano actually proposes itself as an alternative, and a competitor, compared to Ethereum, Polkadot wants to build something completely new, and at a higher level.

To date, there are already several experiments underway on the Kusama Canary Network, while Polkadot is basically still under development.

However, it is not surprising at all that DOT , or Polkadot’s native cryptocurrency, has joined the world’s top 10 cryptocurrencies with the largest market capitalization. Its price has gone from just under $ 3 in August 2020 to the current $ 15, passing an all-time high of almost $ 50 in May.

The price of Kusama ( KSM ) is also growing strongly, with + 2,400% in the last year, although it has recently lost 66% from its historic highs in May.

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