Cardano (ADA) GitHub Developments with Most Active Development Team

The power of a blockchain ecosystem can be understood by looking into their Central library of materials – The Essential list.

Making things easier to navigate, the Cardano Ecosystem helps to understand the essentials list like the core organizations and the strategic partners and collaborators.

Trying to understand the activities and business processes supported by the ecosystem, you can spend time understanding the enterprise and business ecosystem. Get to know the startups and their deployments, incubators, and funding,

Understanding the power of the technology side of the ecosystem involves exploring the oracles, Layer 2 solutions, developer ecosystem, programming languages, developer resources.

To understand the research strength of the Cardano ecosystem, you need to check in to the list of Top Tier Research Conferences, Blockchain Labs, and Education Institutions,

Defi and capital markets, stake pools, governments, and exchanges payments would be of interest to those trying to invest money to make profits.

Of interest are other topics like games and entertainment, ADA calculators, infrastructure and security, Wallets, Metadata, and other essential resources.

Before investing in any token, it is important to understand the technology powering the network, the developer commitment, the community perspective, and the power of the stake pools. These are the constituent elements, which empower the deliverables of any Dapp or business process, which functions from the blockchain.

When investing in Cardano (ADA), it is important to do your own research.  Charles Hoskinson is the face backing the project for now. Needless to say, the fundamentals are strong for this project.

If you are proceeding to buy ADA, you need to buy it for the right reasons. When Cardano appeared high on the rank list, all of a sudden many did not know why they are here for.  However, now there are videos, podcasts, 5-hour long interview, and hours and hours of whiteboard videos which keep broadcasting what they are up to.

Cardano has much to it than just being a send and receive digital currency.  They have got separate layers for computation and settlement.  Ethereum has it in the same layer.

The fundamental guiding principles in designing their blockchain are:  You cannot predict the future, so build wiggle room.  Complexity is nice on paper, but simplicity usually wins.  Too many cooks spoil the broth.  Once a standard is set, it will probably stick around, regardless of whether it is sub-optimal.  Bad ideas can actually evolve into pretty good ones if there is a will.

They believe that a dual-layer keeps things neat, eventually allowing for design flexibility.

Recently, Charles Hoskinson retweeted:  [email protected]:  “There are virtually no developers working on [Cardano that IOHK_Charles don’t pay]” — 500,000+ Reddit members — r/Cardano Developers — Stack Exchange page — 3,000+ Plutus / Haskell student devs — Most GitHub commits than any other blockchain.”

Needless to say, they have the most active development team