Bitcoin SV-Centric Exchange Suspends BSV Withdrawals

Gravity was forced to suspend Bitcoin SV deposits and withdrawals by its liquidity providers

Gravity, a Bitcoin SV-centric cryptocurrency exchange, has suspended both BSV deposits and withdrawals, according to its recent Twiter announcement.

The exchange explains that the suspension was caused by liquidity providers blocking access to the coin’s liquidity.

The users’ funds won’t be affected by the liquidity issue, according to Gravity.

Multiple major exchanges, including OKEx and Bittrex, have suspended BSV trading after the controversial Bitcoin fork suffered a 51 percent attack.

In a blog ost, Bitcoin SV’s Bitcoin Association claims that it advised trading platforms to freeze deposits in order to prevent the bad actor from double-spending coins.

The organization intends to cooperate with law enforcement authorities to investigate the attack and take legal action against those who carried it out.