Cardano Developer Portal is Live World First Gets NFTA Minted

Those who want to build something with Cardano will find the Cardano Developer Portal as the right place to start.

Talking about Cardano, Charles Hoskinson stated, “A financial operating system for the world run on low-cost hardware powered by the Sun.”

Cardano Foundation expressed: The Cardano Developer Portal is live. To celebrate, we minted the world’s first NFTA on the Cardano blockchain. Building on Cardano is now more accessible with brand new content and resources. So get in and make the portal yours too.

To get started with the developer portal, there should be an overview of Cardano, the components, discover builder tools, learn technical concepts and connect to the developer community.

To Integrate Cardano, you can explore Cardano Wallets and learn how to integrate Cardano into applications and websites.

To Operate a Stake Pool, learn what it takes to become a stake pool operator from a technical and marketing perspective.

To Discover Native Tokens, read what native tokens are, how to mint them, ways to create NFTs and why you don’t need smart contracts for all this.

To Fund your Project, Understand Project Catalyst and how you can use it to fund your projects if you build on Cardano.

To Build with Transaction Metadata, learn what transaction metadata is, add it to a transaction, view the metadata, and what potential use cases are.

The Showcase is the area where you can get a glimpse of all the awesome projects built with Cardano. You can filter to search for projects under categories of featured, analytics, block explorers, educational, games, gateways, open-source, pool tools, metadata, native tokens, NFT, and wallets.

The developer forums take you to discussions related to Plutus talk, Marlowe talk, KEVM/IELE, Cardano Integration, Transaction Metadata, Native Tokens, Cardano Projects, CIPs, and Miscellaneous dev talks. Rest assured, there will not be a barrier to any kind of communication – the Cardano Community was forever about censorship resistance.

Operating a stake pool and delegating stakes are topics of interest to investors. There are step-by-step instructions about stake delegation, pool introductions, setting up a stake pool, operating a stake pool, and stake pool security.

No matter what question you have in mind: It is about whether an address does not exist, self Cardano wallet, can I buy ADA without using an exchange, wallet integration for web applications, automatic NFT distribution on a website, creating an NFT from first minted token, concurrency or anything under the sun related to the Cardano ecosystem, you have a way to the answer in this portal.