Warner Bros and Nifty’s to launch the NFT social platform

The American film and television production house , Warner Bros, also enters the world of NFTs thanks to the new collaboration with Nifty’s, the new social platform of Non-Fungible Token.

In fact, thanks to his involvement, the debut of the NFT social platform managed to go viral . Not only that, Warner Bros, also famous producer of the film Space Jam, wanted to participate in the collaboration with a new presentation.

Just Monday, the announcement stated that Nifty will be launching a limited edition NFT collection featuring characters from the upcoming Space Jam: A New Legacy movie. The release of the film in theaters and in streaming is scheduled for this Friday, July 16. 

Specifically, Space Jam’s NFTs were developed with Palm NFT Studio technology , which was in turn developed by the Ethereum ConsenSys software company.

The press release also specifies a $ 10 million seed round of investments received by Nifty from major investors . Among the many, names such as Samsung Next, Palm NFT Studio, Coinbase Ventures, BBTV Holdings Inc, HENI, Topps, Forerunner Ventures, Dapper Labs, A&T Capital and Liberty City Ventures appear in support of the project. 

While other names such as Polychain Capital, Ethereal Ventures, and Draper Dragon Fund, it was the pre-seed investors who came back to seed, increasing their stake in Nifty. 

And so while the Nifty is defined by its CEO and co-founder Jeff Marsilio as an inviting base for new and experienced explorers of the NFT universe, investors such as David Lee , executive vice president of Samsung commented:

“Our business strives to shape the future by identifying the technologies, trends and ideas that matter. […] What Nifty’s has developed in such a short time has deeply affected us, and we can’t wait to see how they shape the future of NFT engagement.

FILM and NFT: the new association of Warner Bros

And if when it comes to NFT, the association is works of art, digital content, books and paintings … now you can also include films . Not only films, but also films coming out on the big screens. 

That’s what the presence of the historic Warner Bros, founded in 1923 in Hollywood, California, represented at least for Nifty, which first announced its NFT-centric social media platform last March 2021. 

Of course another recent association, announced by CONMEBOL , the governing body of football in South America is NFT and Copa America 

A sort of commemoration of the tournament, which CONMEBOL wanted to celebrate by choosing to coin the trophy in NFT.

According to reports , the NFT version of Copa America was run in collaboration with the Ethernity Chain. 

Ethernity Chain aims to explore the application of NFTs for artistic and philanthropic purposes through the celebration of famous pop culture characters and events. In March, he coined a digital collector’s item commemorating Muhammad Ali and Joe Frazier’s “Fight of the Century” on the 50th anniversary of the meeting.

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