Bitcoin: a wallet from the Satoshi Nakamoto era has been awakened

A few days ago an old dormant bitcoin wallet from the era of Satoshi Nakamoto awoke. 

This is the address 157XG8DEk6FhcoHfNpZW6v6fuBd9184DsT , which received its first BTC on March 1, 2012.

To tell the truth, Satoshi Nakamoto has disappeared since 2011 , but the first era of Bitcoin is commonly concluded with the first halving, which took place in November 2012. So this address belongs precisely to the first era of Bitcoin.

On July 12, 2021, he awakened by sending 740 BTC to a Segwit address. The previous submission was made on May 28, 2012.

In fact, over the past nine years, this address has continued to receive bitcoins, for a total of more than 793 BTC (about $ 25 million at today’s prices), but in total it has only made 3 outbound transactions, i.e. used only three times his private key.

Two of these were carried out in May 2012, while one in July 2021.

The awakening of the “Satoshi-Era” Bitcoin wallets

However, it is not the only address from the early Bitcoin era that activated this year after a long time of inactivity.

In fact, already in February and March 2021 large quantities of bitcoins , which had stood still since the Nakamoto era, were moved by their owners, for a total of about 7,000 BTC, or over 200 million dollars at current prices.

In the specific case of the July transaction, it was probably a technical shift, or from a traditional address to a Segwit one, perhaps in order to take advantage of the new features made possible by the new specifications of the Segwit addresses. However, only 740 of the 793 bitcoins stored on this address have been moved in this way, on which in fact almost 52 bitcoins are still kept today.

Among other things, the Segwit address to which they were sent, the next day then in turn sent all the BTCs received to two other addresses which in turn sent them back to other addresses.

Note that the 740 BTC sent a few days ago were received at this address on May 31, 2012, when they were worth about $ 3,800. At the time of their dispatch on July 12, 2021, they were worth over $ 25 million, or more than 6,500 times that. In other words, in the time between the time they were received and the time they were sent, they earned more than 650,000% of their initial dollar value

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