“Ripple Brings Clarity”: David Gokhshtein Posted a Tweet About the Crypto Industry

PAC Protocol CEO David Gokhshtein has published another interesting tweet about Ripple

Thus, Gokhshtein tweeted that Ripple will bring clarity to the crypto industry. His given message resonated with a wide range of followers. Some of them expressed hope for it.


Why Ripple?

The entrepreneur himself has never concealed his sympathy for Ripple and is among those who actively support the introduction of cryptocurrencies into the financial sphere.

Gokhshtein has also repeatedly stated that Ripple XRP remains on the list of cryptocurrency projects he considers most promising.

Recall that the former candidate for U.S. Congress believes that Ripple is most prepared to work with banks because of a great deal of preparation.

David Gokhshtein’s observation is based on the position of Ripple’s customer network, which consists mostly of central and commercial banks.

Note that, to date, Ripple has partnered with banks to transfer money across borders and also offers many features through its RippleNet solution.

RippleNet offers banks the ability to transfer funds without having funds in Nostro, as with other traditional payments used by banks.

The PAC Protocol CEO has also repeatedly stated that Ripple (XRP) is as good as Bitcoin (BTC). Overall, Gokhshtein considers diversification in crypto development a successful tack.

The confrontation continues

This tweet by Gokhshtein was published amid confrontation between Ripple and the SEC. The day before, Ripple secured a subpoena from a former SEC official.

Magistrate Judge Sarah Netburn rejected an SEC challenge to a subpoena to testify by the agency’s former director of corporate finance, William Hinman. Thus, the confrontation between Ripple and the SEC is gaining momentum.

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