This Crypto is available for less than one euro: Should you buy it?

After reaching 2.5 euros per chip, the DEFC drops back below one euro. According to Coingecko data, the DeFi Coin token price is 0.52 euro. In free fall from at its highest?

The drop in DeFi Coin is starting to get worrisome especially since the crypto cannot even chain a session in the green zone. However, this underperformance comes after a period of overbought the cryptocurrency in the area of ​​0.10 euro and 0.50 euro.

For experts, the drop is due to profit taking from the first token buyers. Liquidity has really decreased on exchanges that offer DEFC. At the time of writing this article, DeFi Coin funds stand at $ 212,000 while 7 days ago they exceeded 320,000 thousand dollars.

DeFi Coin exchange under construction

Scheduled in DeFi Coin’s white paper to begin in the third of 2021. Development work on the exchange is continuing through this July. The exchange and the Charity Wallet should be effective in 2022. As a reminder, the platform intends to list nearly 300 decentralized finance tokens on its exchange. On the DeFi Coin website, investors can already find DeFi cryptocurrency trading articles and guides.

With its Exchange in the market, DeFi Coin wants to replicate the growth model of Binance, Uniswap and PancakeSwap. Besides, the creators of the crypto want it to compete with Uniswap in the future. The goal of the exchange is to give more visibility to DeFi projects that are quite interesting but which have never had the chance to be in the spotlight.

DeFi Coin Coming Soon to CoinMarketCap

While it is true that the token listing on Coingecko didn’t really help him trigger a bullish move in the market, it still had a dramatic effect on volume. After DeFi Coin appeared on Coingecko, liquidity really exploded on the DEFC network. They reached $ 320,000.

This volume could grow after CoinMarketCap finally decides to list DEFC on its network. It is the most trusted crypto data aggregator and also the most followed by investors. So the appearance of his token on the platform could allow more investors to learn about the project.

DeFi Coin: is it a good investment?

There is one central element that makes a crypto a good investment: its profitability at risk or its risk-reward ratio. All other criteria are mixed with this element. Whether it is its scalability or its technical contribution to the crypto industry, a good investment is one that allows the trader to make money.

On this thread, the DEFC scores a very good point because the current price of the token is equivalent to 5 times its ICO. However, it should not be denied that for almost 7 days, the crypto has been stuck below one euro. When will the DEFC price turnaround? The listing on CoinMarketCap is a technical indication to watch out for!

DeFI Coin’s project is quite ambitious: to promote the trading of the majority of the coins of the challenge without mediation and centralization. In addition, the platform wants to raise funds to finance children’s learning in the blockchain. Finally, DeFi Coin intends to set up liquidity pools that will allow investors to earn passive income.

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