Vechain (VET) Creating Valuable Transactions with Valuable Partnerships and My Story™

  • DNV and VeChain Partnership
  • DNV Assurance ISO 45003
  • My Story™ is a Digital Assurance solution
  • Sunny Lu on My Story™

DNV and VeChain agreed on a partnership to use blockchain technology to provide Digital Business Assurance Services to build trust and transparency in transactions and interactions to help their clients face the transition towards a green and circular economy to promote new digital ecosystems.

DNV Assurance expressed:  “Together with our historical partner VeChain, we’re building solutions that stand right at the intersection between sustainability and digitalization, consolidating our knowledge into scalable and cost-effective BaaS applications for the enterprise world.” –

DNV provides for Management System Certification, supply chain, and product assurance. DNV is one of the world’s leading certification, assurance, and risk management providers.

Whether it is about certifying a company’s management system or products, providing training, assessing supply chains and digital assets, they make it possible to customers and stakeholders to make critical decisions with confidence. Moreover, they are committed to support their customers to transition to help them realize their long-term strategic goals sustainably, collectively contributing to the UN SDGs.

For clarity, The United Nations’ 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) focuses on helping people achieve decent lives for everyone in the planet on a healthy planet by 2030 with positive empowerment

DNV published ISO 45003, which provides guidelines for managing psychosocial risks within an occupational health and safety management system based on ISO 45001. It applies to organizations of all sizes and sectors as it provides a structured framework to develop, implement, maintain and continually improve health and safety in the workplace.

My Story™ is a Digital Assurance solution from DNV GL.

Sunny Lu, CEO of  VeChain during WAIC:  spoke about how the unique “blockchain + third party service” business model allows them to drive real economic value w/ key partners.

Further speaking, he said:  “DNV has talked about My Story™, which is a digital product based on VeChain PaaS, which is an exciting product that has dramatically changed to the TIC industry. And, My Story™ has greatly helped DNV’s global digitization process during CoVid-19.

Originally wine certification in Europe was expensive because experts needed to go to the customer’s site to research audits and then form a report. But, during the pandemic, experts could not travel.  So, they used this digital tool.

On the one hand, experts can handle many customers at the same time.  On the other hand, it also dramatically reduces the cost of digital verification or audit.

For the customer, the digital certification might have cost several hundreds of thousands of euros.  For an expert, it can be reduced to as low as a few thousand or ten thousand EUROs. The next step is to extend it through My Story™.

My Story™, is a trademark digital product that records each link in the supply chain and takes out some of the special data to calculate the product’s contribution to sustainable development.