Cardano (ADA) Making Things Easier for Newbie Developers

  • Cardano Developer Portal Handed over to Developers
  • Creating NFTs without Smart contract
  • Operating Stakepool with enough delegators
  • Will there be a Cardano Cryptocurrency Exchange?

Cardano Foundation expressed that we may have built the portal, but the amazing feedback from the Cardano Dev community, such as Giovanni, gave us two thumbs up and helped us with the final pieces. And now it’s handed over to you developers to improve it and make it yours.

Want to mint an NFT like Mike’s? Discover Native Tokens, mint an NFT, and more by using the Cardano Developer Portal. When you visit the portal, you can read what the native tokens are and how to mint them.  You will also get to know ways to create NFTs, and the good thing is you do not need a smart contract for all this. Many of them did not realize that there were so many NFT projects on Cardano.

Want to operate a stake pool? Learn what it takes to become a stake pool operator from a technical and marketing perspective. The guide in the developer’s portal details on: What requirements should people meet if they want to learn how to operate a stake pool? What if I don’t meet the criteria? Choose security over comfort. Stake Pool course.  Marketing your Stake Pool.  Stake Pool Operator resources. It takes more than a technically flawless stake pool running. It becomes important to build your pool around a brand that manages to attract enough stake (delegators) within the community.

Those who did not have the chance to explore the portal, should check it out and know what they think—accepting builds, improvements, and feedback.

Newbie? Get started on Cardano with the Developer Portal Learn the Cardano Basics – An overview of Cardano, the components, discover builder tools, learn technical concepts and connect to the developer community.

Community response:  Newbie here, but with such excellent documentation and support from the Cardano community, we set up our stake pool with the ticker “SHARK.” We set it up with the true sense of decentralization in mind and securing the network we believe in.

I want to build some stuff with ADA Cardano. So I’m guessing this is the place to start.

Blockchain & Crypto will be a game-changer to enhance finance by addressing its core inefficiencies. These technologies make the global financial system fair and more inclusive, and more transparent In our current situation, we desperately need these solutions.

Can Cardano make its cryptocurrency exchange, so we don’t have to go through coinbase Binance, etcetera? I’ll be happy to pay the fee back into the ecosystem.