Dash (DASH) Price Prediction 2021: Market Analysis and Opinions

Dash is one of the leading cryptocurrencies used in payments. It has a market cap of $1,744,091,763 and a circulating supply of 10,185,139.26 DASH, which is also the total supply. In this Dash price prediction, we will be discussing the past and present price trends of the asset and try to predict the future performance based on some technical indicators.

Dash Price Prediction: Technical Analysis

Dash reached a year high of $405 in May, but it has dipped significantly to reach the current price. This represents more than 50% drop from the year high, as the crypto market slipped into a pullback that has been sustained for weeks. However, what are technical indicators saying about the future performance of Dash for the rest of the year?

dash price prediction

The asset has been in what seems to be a consolidation since May, with the price tapering with a narrowing range. This means the price is getting ready for a breakout, which could be in the upward or downward direction.

Both the 50 and 200 Moving Averages have crossed above the current price of Dash. This means that bears have control, and a massive sell-off is impending. Clearly, there has been a sell-off, which pulled the price down significantly in the last month. This also means that the two MAs have become potential resistances that the price will have to contend with, if it attempts to break upwards after the ongoing consolidation.

dash price prediction

The relative strength index, another key indicator of the direction an asset is likely to go, shows that although the price has dropped significantly and the RSI too, it is possible for it to dip even further. The RSI is currently at 41, which is quite low, but the asset is considered to be oversold when it drops to 30 or lower. This is likely to play out if the current bearish trend continues, which means the price could break in the downward direction after the consolidation.

dash price prediction

For those trading the asset, the following are key support and resistance levels they should watch, as calculated by Walletinvestor:

  • Resistance Level (R3): 186.212;
  • Resistance Level (R2): 182.616;
  • Resistance Level (R1): 177.474;
  • Pivot Point: 173.878;
  • Support Level (S1): 168.736;
  • Support Level (S2): 165.140;
  • Support Level (S3): 159.998.

Dash Price Prediction: Market Opinions

Here are some reliable opinions according to cryptocurrency price prediction sites. They should help you to have an idea of how the asset will perform in the coming months.

Dash Price Forecast for July


This website anticipates that Dash will have the highest price of $189, while the minimum is expected to be $137. The closing price for the month is predicted to be $153.

Date Weekday Min Max Price
07/13 Tuesday $149 $171 $160
07/14 Wednesday $144 $166 $155
07/15 Thursday $129 $149 $139
07/16 Friday $124 $142 $133
07/19 Monday $136 $156 $146
07/20 Tuesday $132 $152 $142
07/21 Wednesday $153 $177 $165


Gov.capital’s Dash price prediction is that the asset will start July at a price of $171.186. This website is quite bullish on Dash, expecting the price to reach a high of $204.48 within the month. The least expected price in July is $136.29, a much lower prediction as well.


Previsionibitcoin is bullish on this digital asset. Their Dash price prediction places the average price of it for July at $283.1296. Clearly, they expect the price to keep rising as more adoption comes for crypto.

Dash Price Forecast for the Rest of the Year


Tradingbeasts predicts that the price of Dash will grow progressively till the end of the year. According to their Dash price prediction, the asset will reach a maximum price of $213 by the end of the year, and the minimum price going forward is $140 in September 2021.

Month Minimum Price Maximum Price Average Price Change
July 2021  137.457  202.142  161.714 -6.80 %
August 2021  138.965  204.360  163.488 -5.78 %
September 2021  140.520  206.647  165.317 -4.72 %
October 2021  142.068  208.923  167.138 -3.67 %
November 2021  143.710  211.338  169.071 -2.56 %
December 2021  145.340  213.735  170.988 -1.45 %


This website has been bullish on Dash since the year began, although its predictions have fallen far behind the current price of the asset. They still expect the price to grow exponentially till the end of the year, with the closing price predicted to be $278.52. The lowest expected price, according to their Dash price prediction, is $228.03 in August.

Month Average Price ($) Change (%)
Jul 2021 $261.95 USD 53.39 %
Aug 2021 $228.03 USD 33.53 %
Sep 2021 $258.27 USD 51.24 %
Oct 2021 $229.68 USD 34.49 %
Nov 2021 $240.34 USD 40.73 %
Dec 2021 $278.52 USD 63.09 %


Longforecast expects the price of Dash to fluctuate significantly. They predict that the price will reach a maximum of $201 in November and December. This will be one of the highest prices for the year, second only to July.

Month Open Low-High Close Mo,% Total,%
Jul 158 124-177 152 -3.8% -23.2%
Aug 152 119-152 128 -15.8% -35.4%
Sep 128 128-158 148 15.6% -25.3%
Oct 148 148-173 162 9.5% -18.2%
Nov 162 162-201 188 16.0% -5.1%
Dec 188 175-201 188 0.0% -5.1%

Latest News and Happenings Concerning Dash

Dash is one of the well-known privacy coins. It has become very popular for payments in countries such as Venezuela. The demand for them is expected to rise as the prying eyes of governments continue to hunt crypto users. Although the price is a bit down now because of the general market pullback, it has done well in the month.

The Dash price and those of other privacy coins, Monero and Zcash, both rose significantly, with none recording less than a 20% increase. The price is expected to keep rising in the long run, as the demand for this class of cryptocurrencies continues to surge.

The Dash team has also reportedly invested in Brazil’s first online digital insurance firm, 88i Seguradora Digital. According to the report, Dash invested the equivalent of $250,000 in the startup that provides unique insurance services by combining the use of Artificial Intelligence and blockchain technology to provide a better customer experience. Clients include ecommerce, Fintech, Delivery, and Mobility.

88i inteends to harness Dash’s advanced blockchain technology to revolutionize insurance company services through better delivery of insurance products, improvement in digital marketing, expansion of infrastructure, and acceleration of the commercialization of insurance innovations.

Using Dash’s high-speed network, registration of nano and micro insurance can be done in real-time as well as quick and convenient recording and verification of policies to ensure timely remuneration of insurance claims. Dash will also bring trust into the insurance world with its trusted decentralized system that will earn clients’ confidence.

Dash Price Prediction: Verdict

To conclude our Dash price prediction, we must note that its price does not look very attractive at the moment, but this is normal, considering most other digital assets are in a similar situation. However, from the predictions, it is clear that analysts are quite confident that it will rise again in 2021. If you wish to invest in the asset, now could be an accumulation time and not a time to expect profits, although this may come later as predicted.

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