Scott Conger, Mayor of Jackson, is a Bitcoin fan

After the mayor of Miami, another US mayor reveals he is a Bitcoin fan: Scott Conger of Jackson, Tennessee. 

And just as Miami is doing , Conger would like to somehow position his city in the blockchain sector as well.

Jackson is the county seat of Madison County, in the US state of Tennessee, and has approximately 65,000 inhabitants.

It is therefore not a big city like Miami, but it is still the eighth largest city in Tennesse , a state in which there are two cities larger than Miami: Nashville and Memphis.

Conger’s idea would be to turn Jackson into a crypto hub, so much so that a few days ago he announced that their blockchain task force is examining how the city can accept bitcoin tax payments, and even allow its employees to make ” DCA in Bitcoin “.

DCA stands for Dollar Cost Average, and in fact it means the programming of continuous BTC purchases over the months with the allocation of a small recurring amount in dollars in order to make different purchases at different prices, depending on the moment.

Scott Conger among the bitcoin supporters

Conger has also joined the ranks of those who are critical of the Fed’s monetary policy that is driving up inflation. And it is precisely from this further tweet that it is clear that Conger is in fact a Bitcoin fan.

In fact, Conger says he is unwilling to accept inflation of 6.3% in 2 years, or 172.8% over the course of his life, and that the only solution to this problem is bitcoin.

Furthermore, Scott Conger is the third member of his family to be mayor of Jackson, so he is a more than authoritative member of the city. It is therefore possible that yours is a very serious initiative, as indeed is that of the mayor of Miami.

During a recent interview Conger also explicitly admitted that he is taking inspiration from the Miami initiatives , saying that bitcoin could be ideal for example for those who come to work in Jackson from afar.

Just the initiatives of Francis Suarez in Miami are making it clear, and concretely, that the criptovalute and blockchain are an innovation that can be used to do business and to promote economic development. The more successful these initiatives are, the more cities will join the list of those who want to attract crypto businesses to their territory.

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