TRON (TRX) Foundation with New Mining and New Higher Returns

  • New mining and new higher returns
  • JustSwap LP mining is going strong
  • Adding Liquidity is easy
  • Creating Pool Pair
  • Swap and exchange tokens

Justin Sun spoke about new mining and new higher returns. He stated concerning JustSwap, which is offering a new round of staking-mining for mega TRON token rewards.

The Just Foundation expressed that JustSwap LP mining is going strong.  The foundation pointed to the top 3 pools with the highest APY on JustSwap, where NFT-TRX LP over 96% USDC-TRX LP over 74% ETH-TRX LP over 36%

Everything at JustSwap starts with connecting to the wallet, choosing from LP pools. LP stands for the liquidity pool.  And there are frequent rounds or staking and mining organized for mega TRON-token rewards, thus encouraging new mining with new and higher rewards.

Adding liquidity is very easy.  To earn returns while supporting liquidity mining, it is straightforward to get started. First, users should check in to the different fund pools and click “Add Liquidity.”  Then users should choose the tokens to which they are looking to add liquidity.  TRX will be one in the pair. Finally, when you click supply, you supply liquidity to the pool.

Anytime you enter the amount of a particular token type you are looking to stake in the liquidity pool, the platform will calculate the corresponding amount of the other token based on the relative price of the token pair in that pool. Then, after confirmation from the wallet, the supplying of liquidity can be called done.

When creating a pool pair, those who are getting into yield farming should choose two tokens.  One of them should be TRX, and the other can be the token of their choice.  Thus, they can add and “create pool pair.”

The platform protocol will calculate the trading pair’s initial price and the pool share of the fund pool (mining rewards will be distributed based on this ratio).  The swap option is used to exchange tokens, where one token type is exchanged for another.

Justin Sun offered support to NFT by pointing to the APENFT thread, which stated:  Recently, APENFT bought back and burned $2.52 million worth of NFT tokens. This buyback operation involves 1,030,067,282,396.0035 NFT tokens in circulation in the market, marking the first big buyback since our founding this March.

Reportedly, The actual operation was to firstly transfer NFT tokens from the Huobi account16 TNaRAoLUyYEV2uF7GUrzSjRQTU8v5ZJ5VR to TLRt2GZrfxBsYWjsh7wjmZbXT3WKMoEws9.

The $2.52 million came from the net value of Andy Warhol’s “Three Self-Portraits” NFT auction on BinanceNFT. On 10th July, with 20,039,362,130,546 votes in favor, the APENFT community decided to buy back and burn NFT tokens with the net proceeds of $2.52M from the auction.

Community response about NFT:  I work hard and do not have time to check every day. I’m comfortable that NFT is burning, and it can’t fall. After three days, I checked my wallet and found that the capital was falling.

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